Photo from Gold Coast Sepang

Last Saturday, me, xtine, jass and david went to Gold Coast Sepang for some photo shooting and fun. The main purpose is to get a good sunset photo but it was too cloudy.

Nokia 5800 on the beach..

Quite muddy at some spot..

David with his new toy…

A cloudy sunset, so sad…

Behind the tree and an ice-cream motorcycle…

Still under construction…

My favourite photo…

Another cloudy sunset….

Castle on the beach…

Low shot…

And xtine showing her new finger nail art.. hehe

AirAsia : No Admin Fee and Fuel Surcharge But ..

AirAsia had made a breakthrough by removing the Fuel Surcharge not so long ago.

And recently AirAsia announced about something that they proud of!!

BUT . . . . .

But seems to be in order to save their budget, may be they had cut down the Customer Service department as well.

I had send many enquiry and complaint to their customer service email but seems to be none of them were entertain at all.

Cheap is cheap, but I hope that AirAsia able to maintain those good customer service quality that they used to have before this.

Finally – Sushi Zanmai – The Gardens

I heard a lot about Sushi Zanmai from my colleagues and Xtine. Few weeks back, I’d finally tried it. It was our movie day at Midvalley. = P

So Xtine suggested to go to Sushi Zanmai for our quick dinner before the movie start.
It’s located somewhere in The Gardens.

When we arrived there, it’s like wow!! So many people queuing outside the restaurant.

Luckily the queues clear up quite fast. We manage to get in after around 10 minutes of waiting.

I’d ordered a Ikasashi Wasabi (RM 6.00). Yummy. But the portion is too small.

Unagi Kabayaki – Xtine’s favourite. 10 pieces. RM 12.80

Salmon Don for myself. Nothing great. Cost me RM 10.80

Salmon and Tako, Tasted normal but it was fresh. RM 3.80 for each.

This is promotion of the week. Every week , they will have a promotion item selling at RM 6.80. As for this week, it is Tai No Carppacio.

Xtine insist to order a Sukiyaki. I was never a fan of soupy Japanese meal. Cost us RM 15.80

The beef were nice because we can control on how raw you want it to be.

This is the House Spice, taste a bit weird…

By the way, they also have refillable green tea like other sushi house.

Overall, I think that it is a bit better than Sushi King but it is not great. The Salmon slices is not thick enough. And freshness is at OK level.

I still remember the best salmon I had was in Brunei. Can’t find those quality in Malaysia. = (

Exclusively for Sarawakian – Must Read for Sarawakian who live in KL

This post is exclusively for Sarawakian who live in KL.
I know that all these while, you guys have been searching and craving for one nice plate of Kampua(Sarawak noodle) in KL but all of them sucks.

Thanks to Neo a.k.a hot-screensaver , we finally can have nice Kampua at KL. It is located at Bandar Puteri Puchong. Opened by a Foochow guy from Sibu.

Back to the Kampua, it is 99% identical to the one we have at Sarawak. Yummy!!
Let have a look at it.

I had some talk with the owner. He mention that he also sell Tien Pien Hu earlier but stop selling it already because he can’t handle it alone. Now he only sell Kampua and Sarawak Laksa.

And do you want to know what is the main secret why this Kampua taste so nice?
This is the secret!!

This raw noodle are imported from directly from Sibu. No wonder so nice! The Sarawak raw noodle is different because it can easily absorb the taste from the gravy.

Lastly, the restaurant is called as Restoran Beryll Cafe which is located at the corner lot of Jalan Puteri 7/11, Bandar Puteri, Puchong.

Sarawakian, what are you waiting for? ^_^

End Of World

Sunset or Sunrise?

I’d always wanted to snap a photo of the sunrise or sunset, but all this time I’ve never had the chance to do so. I finally made it today!

Photo taken using Canon Ixus 60 (6 MP), named it as End Of World.

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