I want to win 42" LCD TV

Last month I went to Tropicana City Mall. My first visit there.

While I was walking around with Christine and her family, something catchy catch my attention. FREE STUFF !!

Win a 42″ LCD TV ?! What you need to do is just fill your personal details and spin some BOX.

I was so confident that I can get something out of this contest. If I win it, I will give the LCD TV to my mom as the Happy Mothers Day gift. ^_^


GO !!

Turn up, not so good.

Manage to get one “0″ and a free towel only.

Maybe it just not my day. = (

Forgot to mention that this event is organized by Hyunday-Sime Darby. Thanks for the towel !!

Pi Xiu or Pi Yao History

Few weeks back, Eric was back to Malaysia for a short holiday. We went out for couple of drinks at Equine Park. He is now managing an IT company in China. Talking about it, we used to setup a company together before but end up closed down as things doesn’t really go well.

We have a good time talking about those good old times. He also shared with me about the current trend of software business in China. Good knowledge sharing.

Ok, back to the topic. He bought me a Pi Xiu (or someone called it Pi Yao) necklace for me. Pi Xui is a Chinese mythical hybrid creature which considered to be a very powerful protector to practitioners of Feng Shui.

This Pi Xiu has the head of a dragon but with the body of lions with little wings and a tail. In the Chinese history, the Pi Xiu is a loyal guardian that is frequently seen guarding the tombs of Emperors.

Information from WIKI,

The myth of Pi Xiu tells that the creature violated a law of heaven, so the Jade Emperor punished it by restricting the pixiu’s diet to gold, and prevented the creature from defecating by sealing its anus. Thus, pixiu can only absorb gold, but cannot expel it. This is the origin of Pi Xiu’s status as a symbol of the acquisition and preservation of wealth.

Therefore traditionally to the Chinese, Pi Xiu has always been regarded as helpful for those who are going through a bad year according to Chinese zodiac.

I really need this if it is true as I’m quite bad luck lately.

p/s: The photo is not so clear as it was taken using my Nokia 5800 under insufficient light source.

When Xtine is not at Home..

Last weekend, Christine went back to hometown and I’m not following her as I need to settle some stuff. Since she not in, I can sleep till late morning as I no need to go out for breakfast. Hehe.

So this is what I normally do when Christine is not around,

Wake up Late..

Take my brunch, JUNK FOOD!! Wee…

Surf Net and Update Blog

Watch TV, even that there is nothing to watch..

Eat my junk food again… Wee!!

Hibernating, nothing do to.. So lazy to go out

End up, sleep again. zzzZZZ

This is what I normally do, boring right? But I enjoyed it, resting peace at home. Haha..

Rimba Harmonis PaintBall – Prison Break

Not so long after I joined my current company, we went for a paint ball session at Rimba Harmonis. From our survey on some forum, we found that Rimba Harmonis offered the best packages.

It is located in Gombak , Kuala Lumpur. About 4km away from University Islam Antarabangsa, Gombak or 2km from Balai Polis Gombak.

This is me. I felt so small. Nervous!! Haha

Reach at the venue. Plenty of space to park your car. So don’t worry about car park.

This going to be our war zone!!

The person in charge, Mohd Hazli Hisham giving us briefing. Nice and friendly guy.

Our air gun, or “Marker”, terms they use in Paintball.

Prison Break !! Run for your life!!

The war started. Everyone is so excited shooting at everyone else.




One out, two more to go…

Spectators, GO GO GO

Group Photo [Our team won!! Weee....]

It was really a nice experience for me even that this was not the first time. But it was the first time the team I’m in WIN. ^_^

If you are interested, you can find out more information about this place here.
Rimba Harmonis Official Website

Chinese Chess From China

Today I’m going to share with you all with one of my collection.
It is a Chinese Chess Set, made from elephant tusks. (I don’t know whether it is true or not.)

Chinese chess is one of the most popular games in the world, played by millions upon billions of people.

I bought this chess from China few years back for a quite reasonable price so I doubt it was made from elephant tusks.

This particular chess set is tailored to the theme of the bloodiest and famous period in Chinese history known as the The Three Kingdoms period. The chess pieces are designed like characters from the “Three Kingdoms”.

Each of the characters has been given great detail.

However both side of the chess unit are duplicate. Too bad.

Now the chess unit still under my bed. Got no place to display it. = (
Hope to get a new display cabinet to put it.

p/s: I need your help to click on my sponsor advertisement so that I got money to buy new cabinet. Haha. = )

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