Sarikei Mascot Statue and it’s Famous Foods

What is your town mascot?

Mine is a Pineapple

(Photo taken by James)

And what are the famous food?

How about yours? Any nice food to introduce?

Long journey for me today. Bye

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5 Responses to “Sarikei Mascot Statue and it’s Famous Foods”

  1. Says:

    haha ipoh town’s mascot?
    i dont know.. lol

  2. cypoi Says:

    where is our favorite kampua??

  3. Dragon City Says:

    kenwooi, Then you need to go back and search it out. haha.

    cypoi, oh crap, how can I forget about it?!! I’m really getting old.

  4. jam Says:

    Oh you have include most of the Foochow snacks here liao!

  5. Dragon City Says:

    Jam, mine just photo only. Waiting for you to write the review. hehe

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