Standard Chartered KL Marathon Road Show and Hot Chicks

Today, there was a road show event for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 nearby my work place. Me and my colleagues actually already plan to go for this event but due to some reason, most of them had register online, they are going for 21km, and some 10km.

I had no idea why they bring these running machine to the road show.

This marathon will take place on 28th June 2009.
Below are the category available:

Here is my receipt.

I sign up for 5km Fun Run. Haha. Old man cannot run far.

“Fun Run as the name suggests is a fun event. The race is ideal for all runners and can be completed as long as the runner runs at his own pace.” (Suitable for me)

What I will get for my RM40 is as below:

  1. Bag
  2. Bibs
  3. Runner Guide Book
  4. Singlet
  5. Participation Certificate
  6. A lot of FUN !!

If you are interested, you are encouraged to come out, have fun, and experience the festivities and be part of this momentous occasion! For more information, you can refer to their official website. Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009

So where is the hot chicks?
Ok, I had to admit I bluff about the hot chicks for some extra traffic.
Haha. Sorry guys.

But talking about hot chicks, currently Petronas has cross-promotion with KFC. With every RM30 you spend at their petrol station, you will get a discount voucher for KFC .

I get these 2 this morning.

Air Asia, I like you but your foods sucks.

Dear Air Asia,

I’m your number one supporter. I always used your flights for my domestic and international trips. I like your service with affordable price and clean flight interior.

On top of that, your staffs do provide first class services with their kindness and smile on their face are so welcoming.

However, you really let me down with the bad quality of your foods.
From your menu in the Travel 3Sixty magazine, I ordered an Amazing Hot Dog which looks very promising from the picture in the Menu.

It was stated there “BIGGER AND BETTER”.

But what I got is this, a stale hot dog.
The pictures below tell it all.

But then, I’m still supporting you by purchasing one of your AirAsia Polo T-Shirt. I like you because you really made every Malaysians can FLY.

It would be great if you can refund my RM7 for the stale HotDog.
But if you cannot do that due to whatsoever reason, I really hope that you can improve the food quality when I flying again this coming June.

Your Loyal Customer.

The Coke Story

Not so long ago, there was a sound clip about how a women pronounce coke as “cock” and it make a really good laugh for all listener.

Basically, Coke was a simplify for the full name, Coca-Cola.
In some of the European and American countries, they named it as cola. Same here, at Sarikei, we called it as COLA. Today, I went to Sibu with my family and we stop by a coffee shop for lunch.

The Boss : What you want to drink?
Me : I want cola, ice please.

End up, what I got is not a Coke.


It is really a COLA.

Close Up… Crap. Cola from iSiti.

Lesson learn: Next time, said Cock. Opss. Coke.

How to get 28 hours per day and double up your RM 1.00 ?

In my earlier post (Going back to HomeTown is the Best Thing To Do), I’d mention that there was 28 hours per day at my hometown. I didn’t simply bluff.

It actually caused by the slower lifestyle here and people wake up earlier in the morning as well. For example, today, I’d done so many things by 10.30am.

Normally in KL, I reach my office at 10.30am and my day only started after that. But here at Sarikei, I already do so many thing before 10.30am, feeling so good. I had my breakfast with my family, shopping in 3 supermarket, visit some friends, bought a water heater from Panasonic authorized dealer and etc.
See, I can do so many stuff compare to when I was in KL.

Another thing is the living cost here is much more lower. I had made a point before on how my RM 1.00 in KL can become RM 2.00 here at Sarikei. Just said today, I spend less than RM 10.00 for breakfast – 4 persons. Cheap ler.

Do you guys ever think of start a business at your hometown instead of working for people in the City?

Since most of the thing is cheaper, the operation cost will be much more lower compare to KL.

May be I should start my own car wash business here at Sarikei.

Win some tickets to Knight Castle Rave Party

Want to win some tickets to Knight Castle Rave Party?

2nd-Hand is organizing a contest which the winner will walk away with 2 free tickets worth RM 218 to Knight Castle 09 rave party at Calmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills (Bukit Tinggi)!

What you need to do?

  1. Register yourself as a member with 2nd-Hand and it is totally free.
  2. Invite your friends to register with 2nd-Hand!
  3. You gain 1 point if you’ve successfully referred 1 registration.
  4. Member with highest points wins!

Beside standing a chance to win the tickets, you also can post your 2nd hand items for sell there. So start searching your store room, under the bed, below your sofa, for your used stuff and sell it there.

Save your item’s life. Don’t let them stay under the sofa forever. Haha

Good luck!

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