My 9 second Fame on Pool Table

Since I joined my current company 14 months ago, I’d improved a lot in POOL (more than other working skill, hehe). This is because we have a pool table in our company. So lunch/after work is the time for us to “ber-pool”.

After 14 months of practice, this is my 9 seconds of fame.

I need to use the white ball to hit the black ball to enter the pocket. But the black ball is block by another 3 color balls. So I have to do a 4-cushion-hits before hitting the black ball and enter.

I know this is nothing big but I’m happy with it. ^_^

We are inspired to try this kind of shot after watching King Of Snooker series. Haha

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7 Responses to “My 9 second Fame on Pool Table”

  1. LithiumMind Says:

    Is your company hiring? Super cool to have a pool table. Mine…nothing.

  2. AhTim Says:

    Nice Cue Shot!

  3. cypoi Says:

    haha.. can but cue sir !

  4. Dragon City Says:

    LithiumMind, yes, we are still hiring. Wanna join? = )

    AhTime, thanks hehe

    Poi my fren, the one in video is me la. I did it. Haha. ^_^

  5. cypoi Says:

    i wrote wrongly.. i want to say u can become cue sir already.. lol

  6. eWei Says:

    are you sure that one is you??….as i know you dun have such skill…ha ha

  7. Dragon City Says:

    Poi, haha. I also hope so…

    eWei, I practice everyday now ma.

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