The Journey of Life (Part 2) – Grown Up

Not so long ago, I wrote something about The Journey Of Life (Part 1).
Today I’m going to continue with the part 2.

In part 2, I’d grown up but still a small kid.

Started to go to school already.

(Manage to spot me?)

I’d started to learn how to swim (We doesn’t have luxury to learn in swimming pool).

Learn swimming at waterfall

I started to go to Youth Camp. I still remember someone throw stone at me and hit my head (not so serious but it bleed)

As I’d grown up, I have bigger pets now.

But I still celebrate my birthday at the exact same spot!!

Last, I’d start learn to drive!!








Conclusion is around this age, we always want to grow faster and we always want to do stuff that adult was doing. So *stupid*

To be continue..

Total Damage : RM 835

Total Damage : RM 835

Cause By:

My HKS Drop-In Air Filter tear off and the dirt from a ripped air filter goes in to manifold. Screw up my air mass sensor as well. Damn back luck!

Lesson Learn: Don’t “zheng” your car.

Bamboo Charcoal Bread – Can eat or not?

Ok, first of all, this is not a piece of *SHIT*.
Commercially it is call “Bamboo Charcoal Bread”.

I was first introduce to this charcoal bread few years back by one of my ex-colleague.

Me (saw my colleague’s charcoal bread) : Aiks, why your bread turn all black?
Me again : Still can eat mer?
My Colleague : Can lar, why not? This is called charcoal bread, you don’t know mer.
Me : Charcoal is eatable? You sure or not?
My Colleague : Sure can, some more it is good for your heath.
Me : Hmm.. For me anything to do with charcoal got to do with cause of cancel.
My Colleague : =.=”

Well, I really thought that anything to do with charcoal (over burn) will cause cancer if we consume it, and I still do.

I totally forget about this charcoal bread until my trip back to Sarawak last 2 weeks. We came in to one of the bread shop at Sibu and saw this charcoal bread. Mum and Christine bought one each of it.

I tasted a bit and it taste weird. Don’t know how to explain it but doesn’t feel good. So the first thing I do when I got access to the net, I Googled it.

Some information I found on wiki.

  • Bamboo charcoal is made up from pieces of bamboo, which are taken from plants five years or older, and burned inside an oven at temperatures over 800° C
  • Bamboo charcoal has a long history in China and has been documented as early as 1486 AD during the Ming Dynasty
  • Bamboo charcoal is mainly used as fuel for cooking and drying tea in China and Japan.
  • Bamboo charcoal can be used for purifying water, eliminating organic impurity substances and smells.
  • Bamboo charcoal vinegar can be used to expel smell, kill bacteria, keep health and to nourish facial and body skin

Wow, seems to be it really eatable and good for our heath.
But I think they really need to improve the look of the bread.
At least don’t make it in all black color, so gross.

So as conclusion, Bamboo Charcoal Bread is eatable. ^_^

Sarikei Mascot Statue and it’s Famous Foods

What is your town mascot?

Mine is a Pineapple

(Photo taken by James)

And what are the famous food?

How about yours? Any nice food to introduce?

Long journey for me today. Bye

My 9 second Fame on Pool Table

Since I joined my current company 14 months ago, I’d improved a lot in POOL (more than other working skill, hehe). This is because we have a pool table in our company. So lunch/after work is the time for us to “ber-pool”.

After 14 months of practice, this is my 9 seconds of fame.

I need to use the white ball to hit the black ball to enter the pocket. But the black ball is block by another 3 color balls. So I have to do a 4-cushion-hits before hitting the black ball and enter.

I know this is nothing big but I’m happy with it. ^_^

We are inspired to try this kind of shot after watching King Of Snooker series. Haha

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