I bought a New Moon

While waiting for our movie to start, me and Christine pay a visit to my favorite spot in a shopping complex, Book Store. We went to Times in Pavilion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a book worm and I don’t buy book. Normally I just go there to read free magazine and some self-learning book. ^_^

When I was reading some of the programming book in the IT section, Christine come over and…

Xtine : Can buy me a book?
Me : Huh?? (Just for the record, Christine never read book one)
Me (after shock) : Oh.. female or design magazine is it?
Xtine : Nope, I want to buy novel.
Me : WTH… You never read one, why suddenly want to buy those books?
Xtine : This one is nice, I want to read.
Me : Ok, what novel is that?
Xtine : New Moon, 2nd episode for Twilight.
Me : Eh, I thought you already watch the 1st episode in DVD, why not wait for the movie of Moon Light to come out?
Xtine : ……
Me : By the way, my colleague said that SS2 have a shop to rent this kind of book one. Why not we go rent from there?
Xtine : ………
Me (Feeling that if I keep talking, something will happen) : Ok lar, I buy for you with condition you must finish the book.
Xtine : Ok sure.

So end up I spend RM39.50 for a novel which a DVD only cost RM8.

Well, what is this novel about?
To find out what I spend my money on, I go search the net and found that it was a love story between a vegetarian vampire and a normal *ordinary* girl. This vampire, they named it Edward, was created in the story as a charm, funny, sweet, etc, everything girls will like about. No wonder so many girls like this series.

This book was published in 2006, quite long time already, doing a great come back due to the Twilight movie lately. I still have the movie in my hard disk.
Maybe I should spend some time to watch it this weekend.
Or may be not.
Nahh.. I better watch my Hereos and Lost. = p

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5 Responses to “I bought a New Moon”

  1. JiNG Says:

    oh.. forget to tell u, i got all four softcopy novel in my backup disk.. WUAAHHAHAHAHa..

  2. Neo Says:

    I haven’t watch this nor read it… hehe. You read with her is it? :)

  3. Dragon City Says:

    Jing, she not going to read softcopy one la.

    Neo, I’m not into this kind of novel. But I used to read malay novel long time ago..

  4. xtine Says:

    so, r u goin 2 get me the 3rd book as well since i’ve finished the book last week :D

  5. celin? handbags Says:

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