How to set network proxy in Nokia 5800

Today I want to share with you all on how to set the proxy for your Nokia 5800 WIFI connection. The setting menu was not so easy to find for newbie. It took me about half an hour to find the place to set it.

1. Go to your first level menu in your phone and click on the Settings menu.

2. Click on the Connectivity menu.

3. Click on the Destinations menu

4. Click on the Internet menu

5. It will show a list of previous access point that you had connected before. If the access point that you want to connect to are not inside here, click refresh. After found the access point, click on it.

6. Screen below show the details of the WIFI access point.

7. Click on Option and choose Advanced Settings

8. Enter your Proxy server address and Proxy port number. Then get out from the menu.

9. Go to your browser now. Voila, here is the Google page!!

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  1. zaq Says:

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