dRaGon CiTY finally moved.

After long 4 years, I had finally migrated my hosting and create a new skin for this blog. Previously I was using free hosting services from 100WebSpace.com. Thanks a lot for hosting my blog for 4 years together with your good service and excellent uptime even it was a free hosting. But it is time for me to move on.

After a few search I did, I come across ServerFreak. The price was the first thing that caught my attention. I found that it also have a lot of good reviews and indeed, the service is really good as it only take less than 2 hours to activate everything upon my payment. So now dRaGon CiTY is officially hosted at ServerFreak. Excellent job and credit goes for ServerFreak administrator and customer service for all their help and support.

I also spend some time to crack/hack the new blogger template to support my classic blogger template. For your information, I had to do this because if you are host outside the BlogSpot server, you cannot upgrade your classic blogger template to the new one. Too bad. Anyhow I quite like the outcome of this template. It is time to get some rest now.

Good Night!

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3 Responses to “dRaGon CiTY finally moved.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    nice new layout !!

  2. passenger Says:

    why do you wanna pay for web hosting server?

  3. undeneddy Says:

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