I bought a New Moon

While waiting for our movie to start, me and Christine pay a visit to my favorite spot in a shopping complex, Book Store. We went to Times in Pavilion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a book worm and I don’t buy book. Normally I just go there to read free magazine and some self-learning book. ^_^

When I was reading some of the programming book in the IT section, Christine come over and…

Xtine : Can buy me a book?
Me : Huh?? (Just for the record, Christine never read book one)
Me (after shock) : Oh.. female or design magazine is it?
Xtine : Nope, I want to buy novel.
Me : WTH… You never read one, why suddenly want to buy those books?
Xtine : This one is nice, I want to read.
Me : Ok, what novel is that?
Xtine : New Moon, 2nd episode for Twilight.
Me : Eh, I thought you already watch the 1st episode in DVD, why not wait for the movie of Moon Light to come out?
Xtine : ……
Me : By the way, my colleague said that SS2 have a shop to rent this kind of book one. Why not we go rent from there?
Xtine : ………
Me (Feeling that if I keep talking, something will happen) : Ok lar, I buy for you with condition you must finish the book.
Xtine : Ok sure.

So end up I spend RM39.50 for a novel which a DVD only cost RM8.

Well, what is this novel about?
To find out what I spend my money on, I go search the net and found that it was a love story between a vegetarian vampire and a normal *ordinary* girl. This vampire, they named it Edward, was created in the story as a charm, funny, sweet, etc, everything girls will like about. No wonder so many girls like this series.

This book was published in 2006, quite long time already, doing a great come back due to the Twilight movie lately. I still have the movie in my hard disk.
Maybe I should spend some time to watch it this weekend.
Or may be not.
Nahh.. I better watch my Hereos and Lost. = p

Am I getting old?

Am I getting old?

I used to work more than 62 hours non-stop, but now I can’t even work pass 12.
I used to spend my night clubbing and drinking, but now I spend my night in front of my laptop watching TVB.
I used to be able to finish 21km marathon, but now I can’t even reach 3km.
I used to listen to my father talking about his old good time, but now I’m the one who keep telling people about my past time story.
My happy hours used to be outing and hang out with friends, but now my happy hours is a nap.
I used to have a lot of older colleagues, but now I’m among the oldest.
I used to have a good memory, but now the more I read/learn, the more I forget

Yes, I think I’m getting older. How about you?

Irrelevant: My all time favourite, RayBan old school. But I can’t afford it.

dRaGon CiTY finally moved.

After long 4 years, I had finally migrated my hosting and create a new skin for this blog. Previously I was using free hosting services from 100WebSpace.com. Thanks a lot for hosting my blog for 4 years together with your good service and excellent uptime even it was a free hosting. But it is time for me to move on.

After a few search I did, I come across ServerFreak. The price was the first thing that caught my attention. I found that it also have a lot of good reviews and indeed, the service is really good as it only take less than 2 hours to activate everything upon my payment. So now dRaGon CiTY is officially hosted at ServerFreak. Excellent job and credit goes for ServerFreak administrator and customer service for all their help and support.

I also spend some time to crack/hack the new blogger template to support my classic blogger template. For your information, I had to do this because if you are host outside the BlogSpot server, you cannot upgrade your classic blogger template to the new one. Too bad. Anyhow I quite like the outcome of this template. It is time to get some rest now.

Good Night!

Lizard at 36th Floor

Half pass three in the afternoon; I was working on my workspace. Look out the window and saw this!

Yes, it is a lizard or in Malay, we call it CICAK. What is it doing out the window at 36th floor?

Suddenly, I’m thinking of how tough it is to be a small lizard climbing up the building, fighting against the strong wind and gravity just to get to the top.

Same thing happen in our life as well, it is normal for us to meet obstacles or challenges in our journey to achives better life either in relationship or career.

We all know that it is not easy but since lizard can do it, why we can’t? ^_^

How to set network proxy in Nokia 5800

Today I want to share with you all on how to set the proxy for your Nokia 5800 WIFI connection. The setting menu was not so easy to find for newbie. It took me about half an hour to find the place to set it.

1. Go to your first level menu in your phone and click on the Settings menu.

2. Click on the Connectivity menu.

3. Click on the Destinations menu

4. Click on the Internet menu

5. It will show a list of previous access point that you had connected before. If the access point that you want to connect to are not inside here, click refresh. After found the access point, click on it.

6. Screen below show the details of the WIFI access point.

7. Click on Option and choose Advanced Settings

8. Enter your Proxy server address and Proxy port number. Then get out from the menu.

9. Go to your browser now. Voila, here is the Google page!!

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