Random Photo At AFOS 2008

Asian Festival Of Speed 2008 At Sepang


What a Chef doing in the pitstop?

A big NO to Nandos Delivery

1.25pm: Calling Nandos for delivery order to Serdang (Nearest outlet at Mines, 10 minutes distance on bike)

1.30pm: Finish the order taking and confirmed to be arrive in 45 minutes max.

2.15pm: 45 minutes passed but still no delivery yet.

2.30pm: Calling Nandos again to check on the order and the guy said will arrive in 10 minutes max with the reason they have 2 delivery at Serdang. So ok, i decide to wait for him.

2.40pm: No news , nothing happens.

3.10pm: Call Nandos again to check on the order. Give the damn same reason and asking me to wait for another 10 minutes. End up, i cancel the order.

3.25pm: Nandos delivery guy calling me and said he arrive at Serdang asking me still want the order or not? BUGGER. I f**k him off.

Overall i had wasted 2 hours waiting for the delivery and it really doesn’t worth it.

Conclusion: A BIG NONO for NANDOS!

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