The Train Steamboat – (Edited On 15 Jan 07 : This restaurant CLOSED DOWN)

— Edited on 15 January 2007 : This restaurant chap lap already..So don’t bother to find or go there.. = )


Last month, me and Christine went to a steamboat restaurant at Bandar Puteri Puchong. We attracted to go to the restaurant by its theme, TRAIN

Here is the restaurant..

What sets it apart from your usual steamboat dining experience is that it uses a train to carry the buffet steamboat food instead of using conveyor belt like Sushi King.

Here come the TRAIN.. de de de

The train head, should be using battery…

Here come the food…

more and more food coming…

The shape of the train track is a round like the Sushi King conveyor shape. However there is a hole (like a cave) where the train will go into the kitchen and then come out with food, nice..

this is what I talking about…hehe

About the food there…hmm.. actually nothing special about the food there. They serve normal stuff like fish ball, prawn, beef, mutton and etc.

Conclusion : if you really go after the food, it’s not worth for money. But if you want to enjoy the scene of the moving train, go for set dishes, don’t go for buffet. = )

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16 Responses to “The Train Steamboat – (Edited On 15 Jan 07 : This restaurant CLOSED DOWN)”

  1. ~TheAngel~ Says:

    Cool, I want to go and try that!

  2. Martin Says:

    Is it expensive? How much?
    If I want to see train, I can go see KTM Commuter. Hahaha!

  3. Dragon City Says:

    theangel; hehe…after try, let us know ur comment..

    martin; lolz…u damn funny man.. if not mistaken is RM 20++ per head..

  4. MeiyeN Says:

    oh you are back!!!! :D been so long you didn’t update your blog.. must be really busy huh? anyways, da train looks cute……

  5. Honey Star Says:

    Oh wow 20++ per head for a normal steamboat is pretty expensive. But new concept hor. :)

  6. Dragon City Says:

    meiyen; yeah..i’m back.. alot of thing need to settle these few months.. So many thing to post..but no time..hehe

    honeystar; yeah..can consider expensive..but it was buffet wo..i think most of the place also increase to this price already..

  7. H.C. Tan Says:

    yea all u can steamboats are like that..johore here RM16-RM17 per head lor.

    btw, happy new yr to u! =)

  8. Dragon City Says:

    dear all…
    too bad…today i went to bandar puteri puchong just to found tat the restaurant closed down already…

  9. babe_kl Says:

    so fast closed down??? they were just featured in the papers recently!!!

  10. Easternbug Says:

    must be your comment make people stay away untill they chap lap or maybe there move to other places.

  11. smashpOp Says:

    omg. why cap lap!!! i wanna go le.. :(

  12. JiNG Says:

    Dear All,

    Do feel free to view my reborn again blog at


  13. robin Says:

    the place seems decent thought, too bad it closed down.. sadness indeed…
    anyway… Happy Chinese New year !!! Gong Xi Gong Xi..

  14. Anonymous Says:

    This blog also closed down issit ??? tarak update one???

  15. ekoay Says:

    so fast close down?!?!?!.. Aise… thought of visiting them somemore.. haha.. the smoke from the train must be too poisoning liao.. haha.. all makan liao “lao sai”… :P

  16. mIñgHân Says:

    HEY, u haven;t update ur blog so so long already ? what have u been doing?

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