my new baby vios

Month ago, I was still deciding on which car I will buy…
And thanks to all who had drop their previous comment and opinion for me. (Previous Post)

Finally I decided to buy VIOS 1.5 E.
No regret so far… ^_^

Some summary after I drive my new baby for few weeks.
1. Comfortable interior. With the meter on the center.
2. FC : RM 0.15 for 1 km (65% city driving)
3. Lack of power. When starting to reach 120km/hr.
Sure lose to City or Waja.
4. RM 70 for full tank.
5. I doubt about the quality of the windscreen as it
crack few days after I get my car.
Cost me RM100++ to find Dr.Cermin
6. To be add in..

Some picture of the my new baby ..
Front view..

Side view from front..

Side view from back..

View from back..


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