Hyundai Accent RX-S ?

It been a while I didn’t touch my blog. It is because I had been busy lately.
Busy with what? try to guess…

Busy with 3 stuff, which are work, work and work. Hehe.
Beside that I also was busy surveying for my new car. After filtering based on my taste and budget, it left 4 as below.

1st Choice…
Hyundai Accent RX-S 1.5 (M)

3 Thing I like about Hyundai Accent
- Sporty look (ah beng look instead)
- Heard that it can go to 200km/hr
- Low down payment

3 Thing I dislike about Hyundai Accent
- Small and cheap interior
- No resale value
- A lot of bad comment about the car.

2nd Choice…
Honda City Vtec 1.5(A)


3 Thing I like about Honda City
- VTEC engine, everyone like it.
- Low Fuel Consumption
- Spacious interior space and nice design

3 Thing I dislike about Honda City
- Exterior shape of the car not nice
- No discount (few hundred only)
- If buy City, like wasted..should save more money to buy Civic.. = )

3rd Choice…
Toyota Vios 1.5E (A)

3 Thing I like about Toyota Vios
- Promotional Discount
- Low Fuel Consumption
- Nice exterior design.

3 Thing I dislike about Toyota Vios
- Small interior space
- Too many VIOS on the road already
- Hmm…

4th Choice…
Nissan Sentra 1.6 SG (A)


3 Thing I like about Nissan Sentra
- Low down payment
- Consider large and exclusive car
- Spacious interior space and nice design

3 Thing I dislike about Toyota Vios Nissan Sentra
- Nismo body kit not nice but expensive
- 1.6 for the large car made it underpowered
- The shape of the car hard to modified. (hard to make it ah-beng)

I’m now in the middle of nowhere to decide which car to buy…

Dear all my friend…Pls help me!!
For those who is driving cars above are most welcome to give me suggestion and your experience..

And those who have friends, auntie, uncle, grandfather, nenek, girlfriend who is driving car above also welcome to give me your opinion.. ^_^

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50 Responses to “Hyundai Accent RX-S ?”

  1. Fishy.. Says:

    you don’t need any comment. Just ask your gf wat car she like. anyhow it’ll end up to be your gf’s car afterall.haha..

  2. MoonCake Says:

    I dont prefer korean car as normally higher fuel consumption.

    The only choice left is Vios vs City.

    If you going for comfort in the sense of better suspension framework, Vios is the choice.

    If you going for new exciting technology and spacious interior, City is ur choice. !!

    Personally i will advise u to choose City, then join my teamCity club.. :-D

  3. eWei Says:

    well, correct Korean car very high fuel consumption…i’m also not prefer Korea Car. Look ugly only after install the body kit then look ok.

    Honda City: can consider, user friendly, Vtech. Fuel consumption also ok.

    Toyota Vios: Design i like, quality better than Honda but space small, fuel consumption ok.

    Nissan sentral: Body very heavy, high fuel consumption.

    My opinion: Honda City or Vios since price not much different, quality ok. For me Vios is my choice, if modify can be very sporty compare to City.

  4. jinjack Says:

    cool !!
    i like Honda and Sentra !!
    if for me i will go for Honda,
    hehe cos got Vtec = Power + second hand value is higher also ;)

  5. S-Kay Says:

    Fuel consumption also depends on how you do up your car for better fuel efficiency. I would go for a Vios. While the front passengers will enjoy utmost comfort, the backseat is kinda lack in space. Do up the body of your car and it’ll look awesome. I drove a Vios and I loved it a lot. Driving comfort is definitely there. I think it doesn’t matter if there’s too many Vios, what’s important is that the price, comfort, design and performance is right for you.

    To me, Honda is overhyped and overpriced. You’re paying more for the brand name. But I do like the amount of space they have inside. Design wise, I think it’s odd. Performance, also depends on how you do up your car in the future.

    Do not get a Hyundai. Horrible. Hit 200km/hr? Bollocks. You’d be lucky your car hasn’t flipped at 140km/hr. I’m driving one. Pick up is terrible, fuel consumption is alright (again, all these depends on how you decide to do up the performance of your car). The thing is, the body and the interior is well, on the lower end. I drove at 140 and I could hear stuffs rattling and the car felt superbly light. I’d rather buy a Proton Neo man.

    I think when it comes to resale value. Most cars would have it low considering the second hand car market is suffering now. But of course, if you were to compare…I think Honda would have a higher resale value due to its brand name.

  6. JiNG Says:

    Go kopek one honda brand from other cars..then buy Proton waja… selotape the brand to it.. then its perfect d.. HAHA.. Honda Waja…
    by the way..when will give me ur kancil, haha..

  7. JiNG Says:

    and also… your random page… change le.. world cup 2006 outdated jor lor.. haha..

  8. David Says:

    Huhh…how should im start my comment,cos i have actually gave him my opinion and why i choose City….you are right! “save more money to buy Civic” but Civic more expensive than City/Vios. cos city only cost around Rm 83k but for civic 1.8S Rm113,800 and 2.0S Rm124,800. you have pay more Rm 30k as you mention to me rather go for invest to the house. am i right?

    If you were buy Hyundai Accent, you need to think about future for the 2nd value and service/parts. For the Exterior body kit design it look like Mitsubishi Lancer Evo but then interior not so nice a bit lousy…”sorry to said that”

    Toyota Vios!!!huhh….overall not bad, exterior sporty you just need to add some TRD body kit i don’t think Accent will look better than Vios. I din’t go for Vios it cos i dislike interior design especial the Desk Box in the middle and passenger seat not comfort, performance better DOHC VVT-i Max.Output 80kW(109PS)/6k rpm, Max.Torque 124Nm(14.5kg-m)/4.2k rpm.

    Nissan Sentra it looks exclusive car, not so sporty even installed Nismo body kit. Interior design similiar Cefiro not bad, talk about performance Sentra use V-tec technology but they change the name to VTC. DOHC with VTC Max.Output 87kW(118ps)/6k rpm Max.Torque 143Nm(14.6kg-m)/4.4k rpm. i don’t think it underpowered. Basically Sentra already match your requirement.

    Honda City im waiting…heheee…. ;) Why i decided to buy City?huhh….exterior design quite nice to me…not ugly!!!better than previous City. I like the interior design very much, more space and comfort but cannot compare to Sentra that’s out of picture already cos Sentra design for Exclusive Class. Performance SOHC with V-tec Max.output 81kW(110ps)/5.8k rpm, Max.Torque 143Nm(14.6kg-m)/4.8k rpm, it come with Continuously Variable Transmission CVT(7 speed mode) when you overtake other car you won’t feel your car are changing grea it much smooth. Important thing is their service, first two years or 40k km(whichever comes first) free maintenance i no need to bother so much just send-in to Service Centre.hehee…. Pricing wise expensive than Vios but it worth.

    Final decision it still with you, think twice before you go for Hyundai Accent if you need more pillow kindly let me know. :) hehee…..

  9. moz monster Says:

    I drive a City VTEC and let me say this … for all the 1.5 cars, you should only consider either City or Vios.

    City has a better value for money package, in my opinion, as a City owner …(1) service – Toyota service quality supposedly not as good – too many cars, not enough service centers .. (2) space – City is absolutely more spacious (3) fuel efficiency – if you don’t go racing like ah bengs, then this car can do around 14.5 – 15.5 km/litre on daily traffic jam routes … try to beat that (4) technology – the City has standard dual SRS airbag, ABS, immobilizer alarm … even for the low end iDSI model.

    After 9 months, no issues, already sent for 3 services (all free), had one minor windscreen problem, which they fixed for free as well.

    The only thing the City can improve on, in my opinion is the suspension. It’s hard – so the ride is sporty, but bumpy. It’s a tradeoff for the somewhat high center of gravity.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Ai ai, for toyota car is better choice. BTW,why not you consider on the BMW 3 series also? really cool man!

  11. Wingz Says:

    go for Hontah!!!!

  12. wyejon Says:

    honday city of course… told u the reasons oredi :P

  13. MoonCake Says:

    For all the comment about City, pls go to

  14. Dragon City Says:

    thanks to all for your comment. Really appreciate it.

    Look like honda city was the fav of all…

    Hyundai accent really that bad mer?? Look like i really need to think triple. = (

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Satrio Neo good too.

  16. MoonCake Says:

    Satrio Neo, sorry.. If you can afford, why would you wanna buy local car ?

    Aren’t u been sick of driving local car for the past few years ? Or r you really that patriotic to Protong:-D .. I doubt so ..I doubt the whole nation who would do that as well.

  17. MoonCake Says:

    My car is available for u to test drive :-D

  18. JiNG Says:

    faster make decision… cincai buy one… then give me ur kancil.. i need it le…haha… no car.. no gal. HAHA..jkjk…

    wei… sentra got internal space meh??? not very big o..but i saw sentra out there on the road…quite hilarious.. like kereta mahal.. black one lar..other colour not good..

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Go for Honda City, fuel saver V-tec!

  20. Dragon City Says:

    satria neo is totally out…

    mooncake; really? when? hehe

    jing; sentra i think also out of consideration..

    Left 2 options now, Vios and Accent…hmm..

  21. David Says:

    Left 2 options rite now!!!! like that you better go for Toyota Vios… Add some TRD body kit damn “cun”……..

  22. eWei Says:

    agreed with you David Vois will very spoty with bodykit….I like it

    TTA, u said small interior space but sure bigger than you current kancil wat……^^

  23. Dragon City Says:

    david; yeah..damn sporty..

    ewei; smaller than waja ma…Cannot compare with kancil..1 vios, i can buy 3 kancil liaw..

    90% will buy VIOS 1.5E lia..hehe

  24. David Says:

    Hahaa….like that TVCM got new member liao? above i had attach fews example wohhh which you wish to modify?hehee….don’t 90% lahh give 100% to Vios lahh just give up Accent since your friend and GF not agree that.

    MoonCake; don’t worry i will be join TC soon already ;) hehee……your is 3G or 4G and you are TC-? may i know it?

  25. JiNG Says:

    now everyday i go out..i will pay attention to that few car.. since u say only consider toyota now.. ..aha.. vios geng.. city sucks…

  26. Dragon City Says:

    Decided to buy Vios 1.5E. Going to book tomolo..weeeeeeeeeee….

  27. MoonCake Says:

    Mine is 4G Dec 2005. TC-82

  28. KY Says:

    shouldn’t it be 3 things u dislike about NISSAN SENTRA instead of Toyota Vios in the last one?

    For my money though, I’d go for 2nd hand performance car instead. A lot more fun and better value, but of course you lack the exclusiveness of owning a new car

  29. Dragon City Says:

    ky; haha…typo mistake..thx.
    2nd hand turbo..think of that b4..just scare of high maintenance..

  30. aprilcherrie Says:

    war war.. so you make your choice edi arr??? hmm hmm… so who /where you buying from?? hehehhee… i got a bit connection with those dealers lar.. if need help can email or pilipala me @ my blog ^^

    for me i will got for Honda City.. hmm.. dunno why i like Honda ^^

  31. Dragon City Says:

    aprilcherrie; aiya ..u should tell me earlier..anyway thx..but i already booked at Serdang Raya there.. = )

  32. eWei Says:

    when you get ur car,,,come to klang tumpang and we go for bak kut teh..^ ^

  33. Dragon City Says:

    aiks?!! i tot u going to korea already? how come still online?

  34. Horny Ang Moh Says:


  35. Dragon City Says:

    horny ang moh; Havent get my car yet.. 2 more weeks..hehe

  36. eWei Says:

    korea also can online mah…now i online at the hotel

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Nissan Sentra my choice, more standard than City or Vios. It atcually the rival of Altis or Civic.

  38. Dragon City Says:

    ewei; so come back already? where is my gift??

    anonymous; yeah..the price also diff..hehe

  39. Neo Says:

    Aiyo, Vios ah?! Should get City mah, you check out my Cith here… nice or not?

    Anyway, when come fetch me go see chicks?

  40. Dragon City Says:

    wow…ur number damn nice !!
    how much u have bought it?

  41. Misy Says:

    from ur first msg and ur reaction already told u prefer hyundai accent la… why take a car which u dun like? go for the car u like the most!! Design nice o not always subjective….

    Honda & Toyota??? Too much on the road… canno recognise which is urs… i dun like …. Vios too bulky… City ugly exterior design…

    Go for Hyudai Accent!!! :)

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Well overall Hyundai Accent RXS is the best & reasonable price. It has Good Air-cond & full Leather seats which others dunt have one. Come with WRC bodykits and also rated strong safety car body. FC not much differ to all.

  43. salesman Says:

    All cars also same, no resell value la… no matter wat brand…

    u can sell japanese car at higher price not the means it has higher resell value, bcoz u also brought it at higher price.

  44. Misy Says:

    Agree with Salesman!!

    Take an example:
    2004 Hyundai Accent(A) – approx. RM32k (market value as per now- trade in worst)
    2004 Vios – approx. RM50k (market value as per now- trade in worst)

    in another word, u r still lost RM30k++…..what about after 10yrs? how much value the Vios can sell??? I think u should have the answer…. :)

    I really curious what car u bought…. can tell??

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