Back to China..

I recently returned from a 7 days vacation to China. The tour was arranged by our company for our hard work during the past year. I’ll try to post the 7 days trip in one post with 7 parts, so I going to make it a short one… ^_^

Before I start the post, here is some summary of my trip.

All the beers I had at China..

So many local brand..

All the hawker food I had at China..

Yummy.. can’t get any at Malaysia

All the phone booth I found at China…

Hallo? hallo hallo..



DAY 1 (Shanghai / Wuxi)
We reach at Shanghai early in the morning at PuDong International Airport.


The temperature was around 39 degree Celsius. Just imagine..damn hot and dry..
The first place we visit was Shanghai Xin Tien Di. Clubbing area at night.

One of the club name was called Shanghai
inside the movie..

Didn’t let go the chances to take photo with Shanghai Police Officer..

Damn tired..take a nap first.

After that the tour guide brings us to the traditional foot massage centre. FOC.

Photo nice, put our foot in the hot herbs

After taking our lunch, we start our journey to Wuxi. Wuxi is located approximately two to three hours by road from Shanghai. Wuxi is also the site of several beautiful Chinese gardens and parks. Once we reach Wuxi, we visited the Three Kingdoms City.

The Three Kingdoms City is located in Dafu Village on the bank of Taihu Lake. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms was filmed here not so long ago.

We visit the military camp, castles on water, warships, and the palaces of kingdom Wu.

For that night, we went out ourselves to try out all the local hawker stall food. That’s all for my first day at China..


Hyundai Accent RX-S ?

It been a while I didn’t touch my blog. It is because I had been busy lately.
Busy with what? try to guess…

Busy with 3 stuff, which are work, work and work. Hehe.
Beside that I also was busy surveying for my new car. After filtering based on my taste and budget, it left 4 as below.

1st Choice…
Hyundai Accent RX-S 1.5 (M)

3 Thing I like about Hyundai Accent
- Sporty look (ah beng look instead)
- Heard that it can go to 200km/hr
- Low down payment

3 Thing I dislike about Hyundai Accent
- Small and cheap interior
- No resale value
- A lot of bad comment about the car.

2nd Choice…
Honda City Vtec 1.5(A)


3 Thing I like about Honda City
- VTEC engine, everyone like it.
- Low Fuel Consumption
- Spacious interior space and nice design

3 Thing I dislike about Honda City
- Exterior shape of the car not nice
- No discount (few hundred only)
- If buy City, like wasted..should save more money to buy Civic.. = )

3rd Choice…
Toyota Vios 1.5E (A)

3 Thing I like about Toyota Vios
- Promotional Discount
- Low Fuel Consumption
- Nice exterior design.

3 Thing I dislike about Toyota Vios
- Small interior space
- Too many VIOS on the road already
- Hmm…

4th Choice…
Nissan Sentra 1.6 SG (A)


3 Thing I like about Nissan Sentra
- Low down payment
- Consider large and exclusive car
- Spacious interior space and nice design

3 Thing I dislike about Toyota Vios Nissan Sentra
- Nismo body kit not nice but expensive
- 1.6 for the large car made it underpowered
- The shape of the car hard to modified. (hard to make it ah-beng)

I’m now in the middle of nowhere to decide which car to buy…

Dear all my friend…Pls help me!!
For those who is driving cars above are most welcome to give me suggestion and your experience..

And those who have friends, auntie, uncle, grandfather, nenek, girlfriend who is driving car above also welcome to give me your opinion.. ^_^

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