Hungry and tired after do all your shopping at 1U?

Hungry and tired after do all your shopping at 1U? Don’t want to spend on expensive western food? Don’t worry.. I just found a good and cheap place to have your tea break after shopping.


It’s was called “Mmm Yum Yum Bat Kut Teh”, but it doesn’t sell BKT only. There was dim sum and a lot of other snack food. This simple restaurant was located opposite the “Sushi King”. The prices are reasonable. And for bonus, it sell it dim sum for half price after 3pm. Damn cool and free flow of Chinese tea..haha.


The environment was nice and comfortable. Really suitable for us to fill our empty stomach and give our legs some rest after a heavy shopping session..haha.
Yummy “yau cha kueh” when dip with BKT soup.

nice “har kau”..

“Loh Mah Kai” also not bad…better than kopitiam one..

All this for half

And for info, i went to Sushi King at Tesco last Thursday for the RM 2 promotion…damn kena tipu as not all the sushi on the conveyer belt cost Rm2. Those stuff like octopus and bean got no discount at all !! Not like the advertisement they put… Here is some of the photo I took using my new K600i. ^_^

preparing for UNAGI..

looking at the conveyer belt waiting for my salmon..

I was so suprise + happy when i bump into Christine at Sushi King. She came with her zhi mui, Rachel and “Jolly Mah” (Juliana, in case u read this…blame Christine..hehe). Another member of her “Yut Kuong Kuong, Sei Yang Bong” (mean Full Moon, Four People Gang) not coming. Back to the Sushi King, the food was bad and not nice as usual..

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18 Responses to “Hungry and tired after do all your shopping at 1U?”

  1. The Angel Says:

    Interesting place…

  2. conniexan Says:

    hi Tung,
    thx for dropping by my blog.
    wow ur entry on bkt so appealing to me, somemore i’m starving at this moment.
    Are all pics in the entry including those of bkt taken with ur k600i? Looks good.. i might recommend to my friend. Is the key hard to press to sms? hw come u buy cheap? AP model?
    btw.. where in kpg jawa the BKT?

  3. Chen Says:

    THe Loh Mai Kai reminds me of the sweet yam cake (the one we used to eat in Ah Kau restaurant in Sarikei).. cos they look similar from afar

  4. Dragon City Says:

    angel; yeah…u should try it out. Sure u’ll like it.

    conniexan; The bkt photo was taken using Christine’s hp (innostream 60) and the sushi king photo was taken using mine K600i..hehe…the keypad still ok lar. And for kpg jawa, i dunno how to tell the exact location but can be reach using KESAS highway.. ^_^

    chen; haha…i dunno wo coz seldom eat at “Ah Kau”. Going back tomolo to Sarikei…weeeee… ^_^

  5. JiNG Says:

    yo….why didnt ask me to go and eat???wahh…long time didnt eat such a food everyday eat chicken rice nia

  6. smashpOp Says:

    wahhhhhhhhhhh i didnt know got this bak kut teh shop in 1u… must try :P

  7. robin Says:

    dim sum !!!! I so miss dim sum… gonna go have dim sum later liaw.. cannot tahan…

  8. Dragon City Says:

    jing; i got ask u but u dun wanna go ma…u said got class… = )

    smashpop; yeah…it’s really located at a “hard find place”. Should go try it..believe me..worth it. ^_^

    robin; hahaha…for better dim sum, go to SS2…

  9. Anonymous Says:

    em..the dim sum not so nice.. better go for SS2 dim sum. as for the sushi, everything on the belt are the same. those more expensive sushi came out once a while and with small amount. if you order from them, it’ll be normal charge. not fair..

  10. Winn Says:

    new foodie place?

    BKT not my cup of tea but will try it out one day since ur camera makes the pics look nice:D

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Might check it out sometime soon. BTW, thanks for dropping by my blog.

  12. Adam Says:

    Sorry I forgot to add my name to the comment above.

  13. william Says:

    The BKT signboard logo looked like the Ajisen logo too! Nice blog!

  14. smashpOp Says:

    yes.. we drove from bkt jalil to midvalley… :)

    and also.. pls update ur blog!! :P

  15. Maverick SM Says:

    The food appeals. It should be expensive; I believe.

  16. Dragon City Says:

    winn; beside BKT, they also sell dim sum..u can try the dimsum. ^_^

    adam; thx

    william; haha..yeah..i notice that too..taiwan version.. = p

    smashpop; i was away for the last 2 weeks..but now i’m back !!

    maverick; not expensive..really..

  17. Soon Says:

    I miss the food in Malaysia. Food in Shenzhen is just !@#$%^&

  18. Cary Ranger Says:

    I was looking to locate answers on this particular topic as well as your Website came up first on Google search but I can not discover anything at all on this page that’s even somewhat associated to what I want

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