dRaGon CiTY – 1 Year Old…

It has been one year since I started my blog! Wow..i been blogging for one year already. Check out my first damn post (First day for Dragon City ). Haha….damn weird when i read back my first post. Actually I register this domain for some purpose of making big money and now one year had passed already, means that my plan doesn’t come true. Then I start to get use of the domain and start this blog (dRaGon CiTY). “Long Seng”.

At first, I started to write simple post about my life and what happening around me…
2nd day Anniversary
Defect Found !!
Tsunami II

Then i tried to write about food….
Curry Crunch KFC – Highly NOT Recommended.

And stop for a while…then started to write nonsense stuff…wtf
BatMan is back…so do I
Bug on Local Cinema Online System
Another so-so product from Proton

Suddenly my brains start processing and I decided to write about 10 worst place to eat…but too bad..i only manage to get 2 review so far… ^_^
Review of 10 worst place to eAt
Review No 1: Only Mee ?
Review No 2: Lucky Seafood, Lukut (Review of 10 worst place to eAt)

Beside that, I also write about all my trips to the north and south…
Trip To Cameron Highland
10 “Must See” Things At Cameron Highlands
Trip to the South

From my trip, I post some riddle..come guess for those who don’t know the answer yet..
Riddle from Cameron Highlands
The answer of Cameron Highland’s Riddle.

Haze…haze…everyone is talking about haze last year…so I wrote about haze because I was on MC that time..
Belated Haze News
Haze Is Back

Hey..i also wrote about movie and local tv show “short review”…hehe
“Gol Dan Gincu” Or Mahjong ?
Malaysian Idol – Why Adam
Malaysia’s Fear Factor been dooped by Rudy

Heard of KLG? No? Read it here one by one…
KFC changed to KLG ?
The truth of KLG
Review For KLG Fast Food Restaurant

U like magic? Come see my little magic…give some comment..hehe
Video on my first magic trick.

Then I started to write about food and place to eat….all here..
Le Français French Dining – Thumb Up
Bukit Serdang Famous Lat Tong
RM 2 Sushi King
Homemade Chocolate Mousse
Brother Kwan’s Roast Duck
Pepsi Tarikkkkkkkk…..
Lou Poh Peng from Yuen Long
Capitol Satay Celup
Bukit Serdang Momo Cafe
The Junk – Kuching
Thanks to the damn cheese
My Valentine at Garden Pool Side..

Here is some fact and forwarded stuff that I post in my blog…
5 Sign That You Are TOO Free In Office
Innostream S30 : Good or Not Good?
Who is Merdeka Man?
Anyone see MBD 3355 ?
The truth of Carrefour’s Lucky Draw
Raja Prepaid ?
Old jOkE
The Cause And Effect Sutra
What can we get at Mines Shopping Complex today?
I know “HTML”
Do not pump full tank of petrol…

And of course in everyone blog, there will be some “complaint” post..i also have some..
I got 3T
Why end of the year?
2 more
My hope for RM50 from The Star …Gone

Beside complaining, I also ask for opinion..^_^
Buy or No Buy ?
My dream phone….
And also wish list for 2006.. Bye my dear 2005

Oh yeah…I also wrote about birthday celebration…
Happy Birthday To Me !!
Happy Birthday to Christine !!

And others post are about me and small thing happening around me for the past year…
UPM Mini Concert
Hand of God ?
I’m back with my Streamyx
My new photo blog is UP
My first book from MPH
I know “HTML”
First post in KLIA and last before CNY
Lion Dance in my office…
My blog in Bahasa Malaysia
A peek at my fridge
My SMC wireless router…
Chocolate Fever

Well, this blog really change my life a lot as I started to read a blog..Year ago..i don’t even know what is blog…damn…

Any resolutions for my second year? Yes, I want to start posting more vacation place review. I’m hopping for a long long vacation……

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19 Responses to “dRaGon CiTY – 1 Year Old…”

  1. wyejon Says:

    yo… congrats man… hard to believe it’s one year oredi!

  2. Chen Says:

    Happy Birthday, Dragon City.
    Keep up the good work :)

  3. Dragon City Says:

    jon; yeah..time just pass like that…one year ago we still at cyberjaya….doing csvsucks..

    chen; thanks… ^_^

  4. Chen Says:

    u r previously my sister’s student as well?
    What a small world :D

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Congratulation, Dragon City

  6. ekoay Says:

    Well, your blog doesn’t just changed ur life, but it also inspired other to pick up blogging, it inspired someone like me.. thanks to Ubi and Dragon City.
    Happy aanniversary.

  7. Dragon City Says:

    haha…glad to hear that..at least i can inspire someone.. ^_^

  8. robin Says:

    thats a hell lot of entries !!! keep it up dude … love ur work so far.

  9. Doraemon Says:

    happy birthday to ubisoft

  10. Adam Says:

    Congrats. Here’s looking forward to many more blog posts.

  11. Dragon City Says:

    robin; thanks alot.. kembang. ^_^

    doramen; thanks..

    adam; thanks.. will try write more post..hehe

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  13. Anonymous Says:

    You are a very smart person!


  14. Anonymous Says:

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    quite interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    http://www.ubisoft.biz; You saved my day again.

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