My Valentine at Garden Pool Side..

Actually me and Christine plan to postpone our Valentine’s day celebration to some other time as I was really pack up with my work lately. But then we decide to celebrate at Xing Zhu Chinese restaurant at Cyberjaya to avoid the jam and crowds. But who knows…this restaurant do prepare some romantic seats at the garden beside the swimming pool. Weee…had a very special romantic dinner (even it was Chinese restaurant with Chinese food)

Some picture of the scene and food there….

Free drinks on the house

Fresh Tiger Prawn with Mango fruits platter

Double Shark’s Fin with Eight Treasure

Pan seared canadian cod supreme honey sauce

Baked crispy chicken wrapped with lotus leaf

Xing zhu special fried rice with assorted seafood in chinese bun

chilled snow hasma with sugar cane

little gift from XingZhu restaurant

Will update this post about the food some other time…(very sleepy now)

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16 Responses to “My Valentine at Garden Pool Side..”

  1. alvin Says:

    bro.. how much u spent man! :p

  2. She's Jess Says:

    Sure you had a great celebration

  3. wyejon Says:

    looks cool man… how much u spent? maybe next year i go there

  4. Dragon City Says:

    alvin, jon; the package was RM168++ for couple.. go for a try next year…sure worth it.

    jess; can consider good liaw for a last minute plan.. ^_^

  5. Joan Chew Says:

    thanks for dropping by

    wahh!!! so romantic!
    must be darn expensive

  6. Doraemon Says:

    so romantic..
    i wish my gf is together with me now.. :( she is studying in USA now. :( cannot have any romantic valentines with her another 2 more years.

  7. Dragon City Says:

    joan; nps..not so expensive la..hehe

    doraemon; oh..too bad, but u can always fly to USA ma..MATTA fair is coming soon wo..

  8. MrJojoSoon Says:

    An oriental valentine witha western atmosphere..nice theme man..and u even had free stuffs!
    Damn nice place..

  9. Doraemon Says:

    dragon city: i don’t have visa and it is hard to get visa too. my friend who is quite rich. he is same age with me and he has car, houses, shop and job. he still can’t get the visa to go usa.

  10. Dragon City Says:

    mrjojosoon; yeah..diff type of feel lor.. u should try it next year mayb.. ^_^

    doraemon; oic…hehe..i’m not familiar with this kind of got no chance to go oversea also.. = (

  11. Wuching Says:

    very lomantik hor!

  12. babe_kl Says:

    wah so lomantik hehehe… quite reasonable too. so innovative!

  13. Dragon City Says:

    wuching, babe_kl; yeah..nice env. Btw, they are having dim sum buffet during lunch time also..can go there have a try..not bad.

  14. Doraemon Says:

    dragon city: can we have link exchange? just asking. :)

  15. Dragon City Says:

    doraemon; yeah sure.. why not?

  16. Doraemon Says:

    thanks for link exchanged.

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