Chocolate Fever

I bought a lot of chocolate at KLIA during my trip back to KL. Weee….once I walk into the candy shop, I unable to stop myself from buying which end up me spending RM180++. Swiss classic, van houtan, lindt, toblerone, andes, basettini, GOLD swiss praline, cadbury, ferroro rocher and Corte dOr. What a chocolate fever I had…
lol…can be use as valentine present also..cheaper buying now..hehe

Happy Valentine’s Day to all !!

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6 Responses to “Chocolate Fever”

  1. ekoay Says:

    if cannot finish, give me some leh… craving for chocolates….

  2. cheng sim Says:

    buy from KLIA not expensive meh?

  3. Maverick SM Says:

    you bought so many of them and it is $180. Around CNY, I bought one in a bag-type and another one in a toy-type and it cost me $285. Worse off, I forgot to get back the change. Stupid of me.

  4. Dragon City Says:

    ekoay; don’t worry…i sure can finish it..hehe

    cheng sim; should be almost the same price…some will be cheaper as what it state there. ^_^

    maverick sm; wow…u bought the special or limited edition one issit? Well, i don’t think they will give back u the change..where u bought it?

  5. Chen Says:

    That’s a lot for RM180!!

    I enjoy shopping for “choc” too in KLIA (while waiting for boarding):D
    Most of these choc are not available elsewhere..

  6. Dragon City Says:

    chen; yeah..most of them can’t find at normal retail..

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