First post in KLIA and last before CNY

My first post in the airport and could be the last post before Chinese New Year. Yeah…waiting for my flight back to Kuching…too bad..i got flu and headache. KLIA got few wireless point but all damn weak…the prove is here..



By the way….Happy Chinese New Year to you all and enjoy the holiday !!

Take care my dear Christine… ^_^

My hope for RM50 from The Star …Gone

After seeing Jon post his entry to The Star Citizen Blog, I also tried my luck there, just hoping can win some cash for my petrol before CNY. I dig out one of my old post during my visit to Cameron Highlands. Who knows!! End up my fate same as Jon, got posted in Star but no money…too bad. Wondering what are the criteria to win the 50 bucks.



I know “HTML”

Hehe, nothing so special, just that since I was already ON my laptop so simply write something here…

Well, I know there will be a lot of my friend wondering what so big deal to know HTML. But this is not what I try to tell here today. Actually the story started when I bring my “Da Ge” (eldest brother) to shopping at 1U today as he came to KL for meeting last Friday. We went to this shop called “FOS” which selling those factory outlets outfit. There I saw a t-shirt with sign saying that “I Know HTML” and under that sign, there was a smaller wording to define HTML which is “How To Meet Ladies”. ^_^ . This mean there was some guys outside there don’t know how to meet ladies because they work for a company with slogan NO HTML. (Huat Heng and Fong, if you read this, you know what I’m talking about..hehe)

We then meet up with my brother’s friend who just came back from France few months ago. He brings us to lunch at CHILI’S. I ordered a Jack Mushroom, marinated grilled chicken, smothered with cheese, smoked bacon and fresh mushrooms. But too bad, I failed to found any bacon in there. Ferdinand (my brother friend) ordered a chicken salad and recommends my brother to take … hmm..I forget the name already but it was grilled lamb. Didn’t manage to snap any photo as I didn’t bring my camera. But the food was nice and it was an enjoyable lunch. Thanks to Ferdinand.

Talking about food remind me of my first management meeting at Shangri-La hotel, Putrajaya last month. We went there for our company management meeting as the company book a meeting room (8 pax) for us. Damn cool. We were there for the whole day. (have WIFI access point there where we can surf the net during the meeting).We are served with cakes, karipap, sandwich and even there have a coffee maker in the meeting room where we can make our own coffee anytime we want. For lunch we join the hotel buffet. There was quite a lot of variety of food there and the quality not bad at all. Yummy. I will try to take some photo when we go there again next month. I also not sure about the price but if it was reasonable, then it’s really worth to try the buffet there. ^_^

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