Bye my dear 2005

Today is the last day for year 2005. Firstly, I want to wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006. And since there was so many people wrote about what happen in year 2005 and what they wish to archive in the coming new year, I will do a list down too.

Things happened in year 2005
1. Left CEO Consultancy and loss my bonus,
2. Flying back to Sarawak for Chinese New Year
3. Joined AGENDA and work for DHL.
4. Establish this blog….
5. Move to my new apartment at Bukit Serdang
6. Started a new company with few friends
7. Bought my first ever Dell laptop.
8. Work like cow for CSVLite project…AGENDA still owe me my money !!
9. Left Agenda and joined Gen-X Technology.

Things I wish to achieve in year 2006
1. Able to get my ticket back to Sarawak for CNY
2. Hope company will give me a big angpaw…hehe
3. Hope AGENDA clear my payment before CNY.
4. Hope to get a new 3G handphone (maybe Nokia 6680)
5. Hope to change new car (Hyundai accent….weeeee )
6. Clear all my credit card debt.
7. UbiSoft offer me big sum to buy my domain.
8. Salary increment maybe …
9. Getting married….hmmm….hehe

Huh…while I was writing the things I wish to achieve in year 2006, I’m run out of point. Seems to be I really need to sit down and plan for my 2006. ^_^

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6 Responses to “Bye my dear 2005”

  1. She's Jess Says:

    Getting married… fuyooo… okie okie.. all the best anyway and happy 2006

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Seems like u change job quite often. Good luck anyway… waw.. ur 2006 wish. changing all new stuff, new hp, new car… luckily not new gf :) Getting married? U sure? Congratulation.. :=D

  3. Dragon City Says:

    jess; thanks…wish you best of luck in the new year and all dreams come true..

    anonymous; haha.. at least i didn’t put “change new job” in my next year wish.. “Happy new year !! hope u enjoy ur countdown”

  4. Seymour Cakes Says:

    Getting married?
    What the

  5. ekoay Says:

    getting married loh… Christine must be very happy to hear this… but…err… why the lowest priority????

  6. moz monster Says:

    wei … I used to work for CyberTouch … Agenda’s ancestor …

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