Bukit Serdang Momo Cafe

Recently I had found that there was a new Café open here at Bukit Serdang called Momo Café. Christine brought me there last week to celebrate for her new jobs. Weee…free dinner. As far as I know, Momo Café was the first café open here at Bukit Serdang. For me, I was a brave step because mostly people here at Bukit Serdang don’t really spend their time at any café. Mostly they will go to kopitiam or just cook at home.

The décor of this café was quite unique and interesting. There were 2 floors, the first floor was normal but décor of the second floor quite special with comfortable sofa seats and also Japanese style seats. With deem lighting and soft music, it provide a perfect environment for discussion and gathering. Plus it open until 2am.
The photo was not clear because it was captured using hand phone and it don’t have flash function. = (



We ordered an Angel Forever flower tea (Rose + Jasmine tea) and a honey dew milk shake. The milk shake was so smooth and refreshing while the flower tea was aromatic.

For starter, we ordered a curry chicken bread soup. For sure, this curry chicken bread was nicer than what we had at Lucky Restaurant. There is one thing special about this café is they served the combination of both western and local food. I ordered a claypot Lou Shu Fan and a ginger beef kuew tiaw for Christine. Beside this, I had also tried their Italian Beef Steak in my earlier visit (nice !!).


Finally we ordered honey fried chicken wings. The chicken wing was crunchy enough but they still able to keep the honey smell.


For those who are interested, below is the Momo Café address;
Momo Café
23-2, Jln 4/2 Sekyen 4, Taman Bukit Serdang,
43300 Seri Kembangan.
Phone: 012-2730023

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  1. James Says:

    Yummy… you should bring me there next time i visit.

  2. wyejon Says:

    oohhh… this place looks really good

  3. Dragon City Says:

    james; sure…u just need to remind me..hehe

    jon; yeah..come to BS yumcha lar

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