Bye my dear 2005

Today is the last day for year 2005. Firstly, I want to wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006. And since there was so many people wrote about what happen in year 2005 and what they wish to archive in the coming new year, I will do a list down too.

Things happened in year 2005
1. Left CEO Consultancy and loss my bonus,
2. Flying back to Sarawak for Chinese New Year
3. Joined AGENDA and work for DHL.
4. Establish this blog….
5. Move to my new apartment at Bukit Serdang
6. Started a new company with few friends
7. Bought my first ever Dell laptop.
8. Work like cow for CSVLite project…AGENDA still owe me my money !!
9. Left Agenda and joined Gen-X Technology.

Things I wish to achieve in year 2006
1. Able to get my ticket back to Sarawak for CNY
2. Hope company will give me a big angpaw…hehe
3. Hope AGENDA clear my payment before CNY.
4. Hope to get a new 3G handphone (maybe Nokia 6680)
5. Hope to change new car (Hyundai accent….weeeee )
6. Clear all my credit card debt.
7. UbiSoft offer me big sum to buy my domain.
8. Salary increment maybe …
9. Getting married….hmmm….hehe

Huh…while I was writing the things I wish to achieve in year 2006, I’m run out of point. Seems to be I really need to sit down and plan for my 2006. ^_^

What can we get at Mines Shopping Complex today?

Compare to 6 years ago, Mines Shopping Complex today have more and more choices of restaurants. I still remember during my UNI life, Mines was one of my shopping palace. There was not much choice of place to dine during that time. But what do we have today?
Lets see….
McD McD McD !!

Famous bakery RotiBoy

Nandos Chicken

My favorites, KFC

New Double Decker pizza….from Domino’s Pizza

”Da Re Chan Thing” – Esquire Kitchen

Kenny Rogers….roasted roasted !!

Den Den Den….the Chicken Rice Shoppp…..

yummy sushi from Sushi King

Station 1 Coffee…somthing like Halo Cafe

Herbal Jelly Shop

Delifrance …at the lower ground floor

1901 Hotdog….Christine favorite

Thai Sabye Sabye…

Dave’s Deli

and lastly, Medan Selera (food court)

Bukit Serdang Momo Cafe

Recently I had found that there was a new Café open here at Bukit Serdang called Momo Café. Christine brought me there last week to celebrate for her new jobs. Weee…free dinner. As far as I know, Momo Café was the first café open here at Bukit Serdang. For me, I was a brave step because mostly people here at Bukit Serdang don’t really spend their time at any café. Mostly they will go to kopitiam or just cook at home.

The décor of this café was quite unique and interesting. There were 2 floors, the first floor was normal but décor of the second floor quite special with comfortable sofa seats and also Japanese style seats. With deem lighting and soft music, it provide a perfect environment for discussion and gathering. Plus it open until 2am.
The photo was not clear because it was captured using hand phone and it don’t have flash function. = (



We ordered an Angel Forever flower tea (Rose + Jasmine tea) and a honey dew milk shake. The milk shake was so smooth and refreshing while the flower tea was aromatic.

For starter, we ordered a curry chicken bread soup. For sure, this curry chicken bread was nicer than what we had at Lucky Restaurant. There is one thing special about this café is they served the combination of both western and local food. I ordered a claypot Lou Shu Fan and a ginger beef kuew tiaw for Christine. Beside this, I had also tried their Italian Beef Steak in my earlier visit (nice !!).


Finally we ordered honey fried chicken wings. The chicken wing was crunchy enough but they still able to keep the honey smell.


For those who are interested, below is the Momo Café address;
Momo Café
23-2, Jln 4/2 Sekyen 4, Taman Bukit Serdang,
43300 Seri Kembangan.
Phone: 012-2730023

Review No 2: Lucky Seafood, Lukut (Review of 10 worst place to eAt)

Few months ago, I had decided to write about 10 worst places that I been eating in. The first review was on the Only Mee restaurant at Genting Highlands. After 4 months, I finally ate in another shitty restaurant with their unsystematic management and poor service. The restaurant was supposed to be a famous restaurant at Lukut, Port Dickson for their curry bread chicken. The curry chicken bread is generally the size of a loaf of bread, then bread is stuff with chicken curry. I heard that it was very nice and special food and that’s why I suggested to my friends to went there for lunch. We need to wait for more than 20 minutes standing outside the restaurant before we are served. Then another 15 minutes waiting for the waiters to clear up the table. There was on waiter clear our table half way and then missing in action. We wait, wait and wait for another 10 minutes where finally end up we wrap the left over food and plates by previous customer using the table clothes. We put it aside the table. Well, that’s not all, during the process of ordering, the waitress some more ask us to be faster in ordering our food. Wtf!!

The story doesn’t end here, we waited for 30 minutes and not even one of our foods is served. The waiters keep saying that the kitchen is working on it already. Well, if there is a lot of customer, then it would be acceptable but we saw there is not even 12 tables are fully seated. This end up again we need to go to the counter and stand there to wait for our bread to be served. With this only they serve us the bread. Actually the curry chicken bread was really not so delicious as mention. Maybe because we have waited too long for it and this already spoiled all the appetite.

Then we ask for 10 bowl of rice. And as usual we wait, we wait and end up we need to go the place where they put the rice bucket to get out own rice. (I really don’t think is restaurant implement self-service because they was no sign of it)

Another case is when we ask the waiters to add water to our tea pot. He took the tea pot and been missing for 15-20minutes. So we went to the back to the kitchen to find the waiter and guess what the answer he gives to us about. “The hot water hasn’t boiled yet”. Great !!!

All this end up we cancel all other dishes the waiters told us they haven’t start to cook our dishes.
Sucks!! With this kind of service, I really don’t think they can survive for long unless there are really no other competitors near the area.


Overall review (Rating from 1 to 5)
Food – 3 (taste oklar)
Service – 0 (no service at all)
Decoration – 1 (normal kopitiam)

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