Happy Birthday To Me !!

Christine had brought me to San Francisco to celebrate by birthday 2 days ago. She said that the outlet at Summit was the best among all the other’s outlet. She was correct. I really had a enjoyable dinner there. The environment there was much better than TGIF that we went last Saturday. We are welcome by the friendly waiter there and seated at a nice and comfortable seat. The food and service was excellent. Christine ordered an US T-Bone Steak and CowBoy Steak for myself. Although I am very satisfied with the steak but I still find that the best steak in town still the one we had at Le Français.

Surprise for the night was the band of the restaurant singing the Birthday’s song to me. They even serve me chocolate brownies with candles and it all FOC. They get to know that it was my birthday from the survey form that they put on the table. Really a surprise for me.

Minestrone Soup and Onion Soup

Smoked Salmon…not as good as the one we had at Sushi King..hehe

Nachos on Tacos – A Tex-Mex starter; filled with shredded lettuce, crumbled beef & melted cheese

US T-Bone Steak – An all time American favorites, to satisfy a hearty-eater’s desire

Cowboy Steak – not bad but I can finish it.

Me, Christine and house band

I want to say thanks here to :
Christine my dear for a wonderful birthday dinner
Band of the house for the birthday song…you guys cool !!
San Francisco Steak House for the cake… ^_^

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5 Responses to “Happy Birthday To Me !!”

  1. She's Jess Says:

    Dragon City, the Shanghai Lai Mian is located in Lot 10. The place is called Restaurant Jade Crystal.

    They’ll be opening another branch in Mid Valley. Renovating now..

    Go and have a try

  2. Wuching Says:

    happy birthday to u!

  3. wyejon Says:

    wah… so nice

  4. Seymour Cakes Says:

    Happy belated Birthday man, next time, pls lar, buy all of us dinner or ice-cream something lar…


  5. Dragon City Says:

    jess; Thanks alot for the info, will go have a try. ^_^

    wuching; thanks

    jon; Nice…at least better than TGIF at 1U.

    seymour; U come cyberjaya, i treat u ice-cream…hehe

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