Happy Birthday to Christine !!

Its Christine’s birthday and we went to TGIF at One Utama for dinner celebration. Too bad it was pack because of “Buka Puasa” time. We need to wait for 45 minutes before we were seated. Not just that, even worst is the food serving timing doesn’t make any sense at all. We haven’t even finished our appetizer, they already serve us with the soup and main course. Really spoil the mood man…some more the well-known Jack Daniels Steak wasn’t as good as the one I had at TGIF, Subang Parade. Even worst, I had to ask 3 time for my ice water…wtf !! Ok, back to the food, Christine had order a French Onion Soup and I forget what the name of the soup I order but it doesn’t matter as both of them are so-so. The onion soup was a bit too cheesy. For appetizer, we order a Friday’s Mushroom (not bad). For main course, of course we order Jack Daniel’s Steak and Jack Daniel’s Chicken and Shrimp. The steak was ok but not so good if compare to other’s outlet. “A juicy chicken breast and lightly battered shrimp served with vegetables and our signature mashed potatoes.”, this was the description on the menu for my Jack Daniel’s chicken. Well, the looks like they just simply wrote it there because the chicken wasn;t juicy at all, instead it was too dry. My advice, if u had choice, don’t go to TGIF at 1U.
Jack Daniel’s Steak

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