2 more

Huh…. 2 more. = (
make it to total 5
look like next month I need to eat maggi mee liaw

Capitol Satay Celup

We went to this Capitol Satay, a satay celup restaurant at Melaka during my previous trip to the south. For those who don’t know what is satay celup, actually it was something like steamboat we normally have but the different is there are no soup, we just dunked all the meats, seafood and vegetables into a pot of thick satay sause.

We arrived at around 6.00pm and were lucky that there is still table available for us. Just after few minutes that, crowd start coming and the place was packed with long queue starting to gather from outside. We sat down, ordered our drinks and went off to choose the foods (it was self service). Satay Celup, similar to lok lok, has different varieties of food like fish balls, crabsticks, meat, prawns and vegetables on skewers. Each skewer costs only RM0.50 even for big prawns. Weeeeeee…… conclusion is the price was reasonable and the food was nice, a must try if you go to Melaka.
Heard that there was several shops that serve this Melaka specialty but Capitol Satay Celup is the best.

Ingredients used to make the aromatic satay sauce

Add more pls….

Everyone start to “celup, celup” .

this large prawns also only for RM 0.50

Why end of the year?

I had been very busy since the last 2 weeks. Work-non-stop. Everyday work until 2-3am including weekends. So today I plan to take a day off. MC. My friend ask me that why my MSN nick still with “Hari Raya”, this mean I been damn busy since Raya. I wish I had extra 4 hours sleep everyday. Well, change topics, I had found that there were a lot of people getting marriage by end of the year. Not only Chinese, but all other’s race as well. Why end of the year? Good date?
Chinese, Malay, Indian wedding that i need to attend.. ^_^

Trip to the South

After heading north in the past few month to Ipoh, Kuala Kangsar and Cameron Highlands, this past Raya holiday, I went to the south (Melaka and PD). We started our journey from Bukit Serdang, at Friday noon. The traffic was ok but when we just about to reach Port Dickson junction, it was a bit jam only, so it’s not so bad for festival season. We reached Port Dickson around 12pm++.

traffic jam view with Wei’s car infront

lepak here while waiting for Boon Hai to bring us for lunch

We went for our lunch at this famous restaurant at Lukut. It was famous of its curry chicken bread. I will review and describe more about the food there in my next post. After the lunch, we checked-in to our room at Costa Rica Hotel. It was apartment with 2 room, 1 living hall and 1 toilet only…wtf !! After settle down, we started our mahjong session…weeeee. The session ends near 6.30pm and some of the guys start to get changes and went swimming at the pool. (the sea water looks like MILO, so they choose to swim in the pool.) I also went down but only for 10 minutes as the pool closed at 7.30pm…damn…
Dinner time !! We went to this seafood restaurant for our dinner. Didn’t manage to snap any photo as I was too busy eating…damn hungry liaw. But the food was nice and the price was ok. Will let you guys know when I get the exact address of the restaurant.
After dinner, we went for a leisure walk at The Store shopping mall. Nothing special there, so we heading to so called “Lover Bridge”. This bridge was made from wood, connecting PD to one small island. We can’t really see how big is the island cause it was too dark and by the time we reach there, the water level is already high so we can’t go down to the island. There was quite a lot of people fishing along the bridge.

our group photo at the Lover Bridge… well, Eng Lee and E Wei not in the photo.

Then we went back to hotel and continue our mahjong session until 3.30am in the morning. The next morning, we went to find the famous “La Zha Mee” (dirty noodle..?), but too bad, the noodle was sold out. End up, we had economy rice as our lunch before we heading to Melaka. On our way to Melaka, we took the wrong turn, and we are back on the direction to KL, so we need to took U-turn at Nilai. = (
We reach Melaka at around 3pm. We had our lunch at ….of course Melaka famous chicken rice ball. But the restaurant we choose was not so good, even it was famous. (because I saw a lot of celebrities taking photo here before on the wall). The food was really so-so.

after the chicken rice ball, it’s Cendol time !!

We walked around the “Red House” before we go to Burger King for drinks. We rest inside the Burger King while waiting for dinner time. We plan to have Satay Celup for our dinner.

say Satay Celup !! From the left: Christine, S.K, Ho, Chui Hung, Siew Ling, Wei, Eng Lee

And same also, I will write my review about the famous Capitol Satay Celup, Kampung Cina later. After the dinner, we go back to KL… reach home around 10.20pm. Tired.

My first book from MPH

Well, this is the first book I bought from MPH. So I need to post this meaningful moment of mine. I had read through few pages and found it quite direct to the point with simple English. (suitable for me…haha). This book is about the rules of management from the author of international bestseller of The Rules Of Work. It contains 100 rules to be followed in way to build strong management skill.


Here I copy out one of the rules.
Get your team emotional involved.

You manage people. People who are paid to do a job. But if it is just a job to them, you’ll never get their best. On the other hand, if they come to work looking to enjoy themselves, looking to be stretched out, challenged, inspired and to be get involved, then you are in with big chance of getting the very best out of them.

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