Riddle from Cameron Highlands

I took this photo during my visit to Cameron Highlands. I found this unique product on sale. It looks normal and nothing special but do you guys know what it can be use for? Come comeā€¦.make a guess.
exercise your brain a bit (or use a byte of your brain)

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8 Responses to “Riddle from Cameron Highlands”

  1. Soon Says:

    Alternative to flower pots?

  2. ekoay Says:

    ya.. planting use… money plant… usually.. Ubi, use atleast a byte of ur brain power man…

  3. Wuching Says:

    definitely as hanging baskets for plants lor!

  4. Dragon City Says:

    good try…but wrong answer.
    It’s something you will not think of..

  5. MoonCake Says:

    haha, i guess is toilet bowl

  6. alvin Says:

    So? What is it?

  7. Dragon City Says:

    alvin; you make a guess first la. I will disclose it next week.

  8. JiNG Says:

    its TOPI????
    or sarang burung??

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