Review For KLG Fast Food Restaurant

As promised in my earlier post regarding KLG, I really do had a chance to try out this mystery KLG Fast Food Restaurant at Simpang Pulai. There is only one word for their foods – yucks. Well, enjoy the walkthrough.

Me at the KLG door step .. hmm..not bad

Looking up to the menu at the counter…really feel like I was in KFC

Alamak..this is where they place the ready fried chicken .. looks like curry puff stall

Kasi ini dua. ( Give me two sets of this )

took this photo while waiting for my fried chicken

believe me…its taste worst than its looks

special magic powder…to make the chicken taste better…..MSG la!!!

wow…got playground…don’t play play

at least…their fries taste better than KFC

another thing better than KFC…they use Diamond water filter….lol

Ref : The truth of KLG

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13 Responses to “Review For KLG Fast Food Restaurant”

  1. Sue Says:

    I saw this restaurant! And we were just wondering what it would taste like! Now I know! Hehe…

  2. Yue Says:

    Yeah, the Chicken was too dry.. like overcooked.. Outside salty, inside tastless.. :-O

  3. Dragon City Says:

    sue & eternity; Yeah, don’t go for it. Doesn’t worth for the money

    yue; lolz…correct

  4. SooHK Says:

    KFC brother call KLC…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Personally I like KLG coz after times & times mistreaten by KFC for their tiny-minee chicken piece…i totally disappointed with KFC. especially the one near USM..hand-pressed burger , anyone??
    i tried KLG in Taiping & Pasir Puteh,Ipoh…The chicken is moisture enough and BIGGER.. remember to ask for chicken breast or thigh. “No drumstick and wings please….” This is what I do everytime I visit KLG. :)

  6. Pianonee Says:

    haha.. they simulate KFC huh?
    look at the first picture, i tot it was a post office.. kekee..

  7. Anonymous Says:

    that was the lamest counter for a chainfood restaurant i have ever seen in my entire life! wtf were they even thinking? Truely that looks like a karipap stall, hell no, makcik jual nasi lemak pun kalah. HOW ON BLOODY EARTH would they came ou the idea to do such low budget franchise??? i was like wtf all the way for them, the interior sucks! OMG OMFG I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE< PLS SOMEBODY sue them.

    Although i dont seem any copyright infrignement here, ebcause they are not using the KFC initials, logos, Since colours cant be trademark, so they pretty much flew under the radar lol. SUCKS TO BE THEM! OMFG I CANT TAKE IT!!

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  12. Dani Hodson Says:

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