UPM Mini Concert

Last Monday I went to a mini concert at South City Plaza organize by UPM. (by their music club, should be). I went there because my brother toke part in the singing and I need to take photo for him. Well, during my time in UPM, our music club also organizes this so call musical night but the different is this time, it was outside the campus.

The ticket cost me RM 5 per person but my brother paid for me and Christine. The stage decoration was not good (my personal opinion), because all the wording is in Chinese. Too bad, I can’t read Chinese, so I really don’t know what the theme for that event is. The overall quality for all the performers was good, but more credit should be given to the band. They rock!!

Best performance of the night

Overall of the concert is good except the starting part where the MC (I’m not sure they are MC or not) was really boring, there is one guy and gal, like talking to each other, no interaction with the audients at all.

the crowd…I got better view up here

my brother, Jimmy

his “fan” or friend ?

UPM leng lui

damn …they don’t let me sit here..VIP seats konon…

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3 Responses to “UPM Mini Concert”

  1. Seymour Cakes Says:

    Lookey here my man, please takes pix of chix, anything else u might as well take the floors, the walls, and maybe the toilets.

    Just my 2 cents man, just my 2 cents.

  2. Dragon City Says:

    sorry bro…i’m not kenny sia, you wanna see toilet pix…pls go kennysia

  3. ekoay Says:

    how comeur brother can sing, but u cannot??? this is weird man!

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