RM 2 Sushi King

Yoyo… Sushi King is having a great promotion now for all Sushi King members. All sushi on the conveyor belt are at RM2 per dish. Cool? Not cool for me as I like to eat those with original price RM 2. So it not really worth for me to go. Christine went there yesterday with her “zhi mui”. How much they can eat? Let see ..

all for RM2… ^_^

wow…RM 2 also no need to eat so much ler..

all this cost only RM70++, supposed to be RM 170++

Yummy Unagi, Christine’s favorite

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12 Responses to “RM 2 Sushi King”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    going there tonite

  2. Anonymous Says:

    sushi king is lousy…

  3. wyejon Says:

    lol… no wonder the sushi king at summit usj so good business lah… normally they spend their time chasing the flies away only.

    sushi king sucks btw… i stopped eating there years ago

  4. Anonymous Says:

    yes, sushi king sucks.. but someone said Genki Sushi is better. NOT! It’s more expensive, and the sushi is not that fresh.

    Moritomo > Renaissance buffet > Saiseki > Sushi King > Genki sushi

  5. Papi Says:

    Walaueh? RM2 like free like that…hehehe…
    But Sushi King no good ler..

  6. Ayou Says:

    sushi king is consider not bad liao, compare to those hypermarket in carrefour, jusco…

  7. Seymour Cakes Says:

    Sushi King SUCKS ASS man.

    BTW, unagi sucks too. Unagi taste like “char siew fish”, might as well go eat char siew la.

  8. wyejon Says:

    ayou… jusco’s sushi is at least 10 times better than sushi king (even though i think jusco standard has dropped quite a bit)… but the best is isetan’s sushi

  9. MoonCake Says:

    i went there on tuesday.. there is no chick at all man, that place crowded with aunty, ah pek … The variety very limited as well.

    Btw, I dun fancy jap food or whatsoever stuffs that is fucking jap related at all, never ever in my life. !!! Char Kuey Teo is much better .

  10. alvin Says:

    U and your gf are sure big eaters.. bwa haha

  11. Seymour Cakes Says:

    I just came back from lunch, and was reading this. I took a slow sip of my Necasfe Ice Coffee when I read the line, “char kuey teo”. I chuckled and puked some coffee to my 19″ LCD screen.

    Mooncake, fu.

  12. Dragon City Says:

    ALL; Wow…looks like Sushi King had a really bad reputation..even lost to cheapo JJ sushi ah..

    Mooncake; Char Kuey Teo and Sushi is two different thing la..cannot compare one..

    Alvin; Damn u…didnt u read the content..i never said i go sushi king

    Seymour; 19″ LCD hmm…. your company damn cool…

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