KFC changed to KLG ?

Since when KFC change name to KLG? Well, actually it was just another restaurant that tries to copy the KFC concept. On my way back to Christine’s hometown, Kuala Kangsar, I saw this fast food restaurant named “KLG”. It’s located between Sungai Siput and Chemor. At first glance, we thought it was KFC. The decoration of the restaurant almost same as KFC, the color, the logo and the wording was totally ‘tiru” from the KFC.

Well, obviously they want to use the KFC’s fame to attract customer. But the funny thing is the menu also same as KFC, only that they replace the branding to KLG. I haven’t try the food there as they still doing the renovation. Going to try it on my next trip to Kuala Kangsar. Actually I saw this restaurant before near Simpang Pulai. Wondering if they are using the franchise system. Hope that they have tom yam chicken.

since when Colonel Sanders become a chicken

the menu at the signboard

what’s KLG mean?

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10 Responses to “KFC changed to KLG ?”

  1. mamat Says:

    The restaurant KLG borders on IP (copyright) infringement.

    The owner will get in hot soup the minute any lawyers (law-abiding or with eye for making money) reading this blog alerts the concerned parties at KFC Holdings.

    What was the rationale of this post? Highlighting the IP (copyright) infringement or just for the fun of it?

    Take care dude..


  2. Papi Says:

    I’ve seen this before in ulu-ulu places. Why did they do this? no one know but it’s real stupid. It’s just a matter of time, KFC’s lawyers will come knocking on their door. If they hv a good recipe and great food, why not come out with their own branding.

  3. wyejon Says:

    KLG = Kuala Lumpur Gai?

  4. shells Says:

    omg! lol. really mei sei goh.
    they’re using the copyrighted designs. i give them 3 months before being sued.

  5. alvin Says:

    Tung, you’re helping them to go bankrupt. Beware if they really do then they’ll find who did it ~wink~ ~wink~

  6. Dragon City Says:

    Mamat; Well, it’s not for IP infringement or fun…I just post it to share what I had discover with my friend and blog’s reader.

    Jon; Cool name…you go open one la..

    Michelle; I heard that KFC actually did sued them but I can’t find any details

    Papi: Maybe they really don’t have good recipe…^_^

    Alvin; they doing big business man…where got so easy bankrupt one..

  7. wyejon Says:

    If I open KLG it won’t be a fast food selling fried chicken wan :)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    KFC did sued them a few times in Taiwan but lost all cases. :-) )

  9. Anonymous Says:

    beside colour, Design” totally no problem wat! da jing xiao guai!

  10. toms uk Says:

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