I got 3T

I got 3T

Tired, Tension and “Tahi” (Shit).

Damn… I got myself in this shitty project with sucky project management. My head going to blow very soon if the situation doesn’t change. This project started to be a lite version of application and now its keep growing with last minute changes on design. (Even after we finish all the class and sequence diagram). Thanks to the Architect. (Jacob – damn the name like biscuit name, go become a biscuit manufacturer lar).

I’m damn TIRED and TENSION of this TAHI project !!

p/s : we already in the end of design phase but they haven’t finalize the db schema yet. wtf

Buy or No Buy ?

Should I buy a laptop?

I’d been asking myself this question all day long and I even ask some of my colleagues. But there is no certain answer from them. HELP !!
It all start when I saw the advertisement by Dell, promotion for Dell Inspiron 510M for the price of RM 3289.00 (inclusive delivery charge). Damn u dell …

The specification and price offer was very tempting… = (

Intel® Centrino™ Mobile Technology with Intel® Pentium® M Processor 725A (1.6 GHz, 2MB Cache, 400 MHz FSB)
60GB Ultra ATA Hard Disk
Internal 8X DVD+/-RW Combination Drive

All my dear fellow friends, please give me your opinion whether I should go for that laptop. I can’t make any decision. It’s too tempting

    Reason why I should get a laptop now
  1. The promotion really worth it. (my opinion)
  2. I want to use it to surf net in my living room.
  3. I want to bring home my office work and do at home. (hope my boss see this)
  4. I can use it to do my outsource project and demo. (hope my boss don’t see this)
  5. I can bring it back to Sarawak during Chinese New Year to surf net at home.
  6. Coz I been dreaming to have my own laptop since 5 years ago !!!

    Reason why I shouldn’t get a laptop now
  1. I was that close to clear all my credit card balances.
  2. I should get a Yamaha Home Theater (RM 2500) and with the balance, I can still upgrade my TV.
  3. I already have a powerful PC at home, if I buy a laptop, the PC will be junk for sure
  4. The promotion will be back again during Christmas..i already wait for 5 year, why don’t wait for another few month.

Ahh…buy or no buy ?

Raja Prepaid ?

One of my ex-schoolmate told me about this “Raja Prepaid”. Wow the name quite attractive, so I decide to have a look at the website. Well, although the name was interesting but it just another MLM (multilevel marketing) concept selling. (for info, I hate MLM). They claim that the maximum earning could reach RM30,000.00 per year. Wow, just by selling prepaid card can earn that much ah? Look like nowadays human just can’t live without a mobile phone. Even primary school kids also have one.

Ok..back to the topic. RAJA PREPAID or PREPAID KING, they had few plan to get rich such as “Modal Kecil”, “Bonus Raja”, etc. I’m lazy to read through the term and condition, so I paste the diagram here for you guys to judge and do a match calculation.

Lou Poh Peng from Yuen Long

My friend bought me something from her Hong Kong trip last 2 weeks. It’s “Lou Poh Peng”, well I also don’t really know how to pronounce it in English. Should we translate it directly? ( Lou Poh Peng = Wife Biscuit )… hmm.. don’t think so.

Actually this “Lou Poh Peng” is a type of biscuit with red beans or green beans paste. In those old days, people normally use this “Lou Poh Peng” as a gift to notify people that they are getting married soon. What a good tradition, not like nowadays people give “RED BOMB”, cannot eat and not environment friendly. (50 invitation card , 50 years old tree gone). So guys and gals out there, never ever give “Lou Poh Peng” to your friends unless you are getting married.

Does this mean she getting married soon? Nope. She bought that because Yuen Long, Hong Kong was very famous of it “Lou Poh Peng” biscuit. Well, actually I don’t see any special of it plus the taste only so-so.
Yuen Long’s Lou Poh Peng

RM 2 Sushi King

Yoyo… Sushi King is having a great promotion now for all Sushi King members. All sushi on the conveyor belt are at RM2 per dish. Cool? Not cool for me as I like to eat those with original price RM 2. So it not really worth for me to go. Christine went there yesterday with her “zhi mui”. How much they can eat? Let see ..

all for RM2… ^_^

wow…RM 2 also no need to eat so much ler..

all this cost only RM70++, supposed to be RM 170++

Yummy Unagi, Christine’s favorite

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