Trip To Cameron Highland

I took 4 days unpaid holiday early this month. Plus weekends, I have 6 days. It been quite a while I didn’t go anyway for a long holiday. Well, the reason I’m taking off is because my family come to visit me. And we are going to Cameron Highland for holiday. It was 2 days trip. Hmm…actually nothing much to write as I personally not so enjoying going there. For me Genting is much better and interesting. I’m too lazy and too busy to write down all about the holiday, so I think I just let the photo tell it. I will upload all the photo to my gallery after I finish editing it. Here I included few for starter.

Me doing some illegal tomato plucking.

Mickey Mouse?

One happy family…and hungry too.. ~_~

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3 Responses to “Trip To Cameron Highland”

  1. Ayou Says:

    I have the picture with the tomatos too :)

  2. Jamestdd Says:

    ah, why no pic of me in the photo leh. Why like that one. Next trip to Langkawi !

  3. alvin Says:

    Where’s your other photos?!?!

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