Review of 10 worst place to eAt

Well, don’t have much to write here already as everyone already writes everything happening around us. So today I plan to write about 10 worst food/service outlets I went before. So if you guys have any bad experience in any shop or some restaurant selling shit kind of food, please let me know the outlets name and location. I will go there and discover it out.

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3 Responses to “Review of 10 worst place to eAt”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The worst place is this “tai chau” in Dengkil. Many ppl call it “Wu Ying Tai Chao”. So the name already tell u the food sucks

  2. Dragon City Says:

    Yeah, you are right. That “Wu Ying Tai Chao” actually was some sort of chinese restaurant located at Dengkil where me and my colleagues always went there for lunch. The food can’t really said that bad. Just not delicious. I will look into this. = p

  3. CH bags Says:

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