Review No 1: Only Mee ?

First worst food in town is Only Mee. Only Mee is a modern noodle outlet which I was told that they serve noodles made right in the restaurant. It had quite a lot of outlet around PJ and KL such as inside The Curve, IOI Mall and Bukit Bintang.

During my holiday at GENTING last month, I went to one of the Only Mee outlet there. It was located in First World Indoor Theme Park area. The design was quite nice with bright orange color and nice cute logo. And it has an open kitchen concept as we can see the kitchen from the place we eating. We can see how they make the noodle and cook it. Most of the staff was foreigners. (Could be from Vietnam or Myanmar). But the women at the counter there is local. Her attitude was not friendly at all. NO SMILE. Since she doesn’t bother to entertain us much, we decide to look at the menu to decide what to eat. They had some good photo on the Menu that make me want to try for their Green Curry Thai Noodle. It looks really nice on photo. Christine orders an Ipoh Curry Mee.

Huh…guess what, they serve everything in white plastic. White plastic bowl and plate. And the food color doesn’t look appetizing. It looks totally different from the photo in the menu. For my Green Curry Thai Noodle, the noodle is obviously over-cooked. It stick together. And for the chicken meat, it was so tough that we can use to throw at dogs. The worst thing is the whole meal is not hot or warm, but its cold. Same story went for Christine “Ipoh Curry Mee”, the soup so plain and the noodle also over-cooked. It doesn’t look like Ipoh Curry Mee at all, actually its doesn’t look like curry noodle. Even I can cook better curry than that stupid ass cook.

What is this piece of shit? Well, it supposes to be Green Curry Thai Noodle.

Me and Only Mee.

Overall review (Rating from 1 to 5)
Food – 2 (taste like toilet water)
Service – 2 (shit on face)
Decoration – 4 (cool)

So I hope the management will do something about this outlet at GENTING to make sure they don’t sell shitty food to public.

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6 Responses to “Review No 1: Only Mee ?”

  1. alvin Says:

    What shit did u eat there? Duh.. kiam siap!

  2. Dragon City Says:

    It’s not about the money man. It’s about how poor the quality of the food that they offer to consumers. May be one day if you go to Genting, you can try it urself. Cool?

  3. babe_kl Says:

    i tried to do a trackback but cant wor… nevermind, i’ve bad comment on this place too

  4. n305er Says:

    Well, I tried it before…
    And here’s the rating I’ll give

    Overall review (Rating from 1 to 5)
    Food – 4 (Far better then some of the crappy “5 star” buffets at genting)
    Service – 2 (shit on face.. I agree)
    Decoration – 2 (beautiful but annoyingly crowded)

  5. Ayou Says:

    seems that the food there is very bad…

    Never saw the shop b4

  6. Dragon City Says:

    babe_kl; read your entry, wow..look like not only the outlets at Genting got problem, the outlet at Jalan Bukit Bintang also sell shitty food. come with food and service like this, they still can open so many branch. ~_~

    n305er; hehe…like that I think I should avoid going to those “5 star” buffets liaw. Better go for KFC.

    ayou; try to look at babe_kl’s post, the outlet she mention should be more easier to find.

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