Innostream S30 : Good or Not Good?

Innostream S30 actually is phone specially design for ladies. This is because the phone design is so feminine (82 x 42 x 21.6mm / 76grams) and there was default lady scheduler application installed in the phone. This phone comes with 2 batteries, a desktop charger, hand free, pouch and a data cable. The whole package cost RM810.

Inno30 come with TFT 262K colors display, which most of the color phone nowadays have the same resolution. I read from the manual saying that “Providing you the orchestra performance all the time through 64 polyphonic melodies.” This is not true. I’m totally disagreeing with the statement because the sound from the phone not so nice. It’s not clear and doesn’t have solid sound. If you are looking for sound performance, go for Motorola E398. Another thing that I’m not agree with the manual is it saying that “Innostream will fulfill your desire for wireless world.” Well, this phone doesn’t have Bluetooth and Infrared. Wireless world konon.

Beside that, this phone has others normal function such as VGA camera, MMS, Calendar, Alarm, Games and etc…

And this phone doesn’t support MP3, we need to convert the MP3 to MMF file using the software given before we can upload it to the phone and the maximum size for each MMF file is 200k only.

Here I also include few photos taken by the build-in camera.

Photo taken using Inno30

I didn’t notice that there was a such big ship display in Endah Parade at Sri Petaling. I used to go there for 7 years

So if anyone who like a small sleek cell phone with 64 polyphonic melodies, camera, camcorder, & 262K screen, this Inno30 is the phone to buy. But if you are looking for more functionality over look, Sony Ericsson K700 would be great for the same price.

View with flip closed

View with flip open

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  1. wyejon Says:

    What’s a lady scheduler? hehehe..

    Go get the K750i lah! Got autofocus 2 mega pixel camera u know?

  2. Seymour Cakes Says:

    Damn blardee RBs!!!

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