Bukit Serdang Famous Lat Tong

Last Friday I went to this famous “Lat Tong” (Hot and Spicy Soup) at Bukit Serdang twice on the same day. Well, I’m not “Lat Tong”’s freaks. I went there for lunch with my colleagues and I went there again with Christine for dinner. This place is located behind the Post Office near the Seri Kembangan main road. It’s open from 9am to 3pm and re-opens for dinner at 6pm to 9pm. It closed on Monday.

The famous dish here is of course “Lat Tong”. They cook it in clay pot and it cost RM 6.50 per person. Beside that, they also have this Chinese wine chicken (Fah Tiu Kai). Both of the dishes are nice but for the “Lat Tong”, I think they added too much pepper in it. For those who like to eat spicy and hot food (and also cheap), this place is fully recommended.

yummy Fah Tiu Kai…

Famous Lat Tong

famous bukit serdang Lat Tong

Malaysian Idol – Why Adam ?

Yesterday night, 10pm, Malaysian Idol has witness Adam to be voted out from the competition. He is my favorite’s idol in the competition. Actually he was one of the contestants that had the best vocal. All the judge said so. Too sad, Malaysian had voted him out. I personally think Faizull should be voted out. Should be voted out long time ago instead. This guy is fat, emotional, cannot sing…..the only elements he has is “Orang Kampung Rock”. Actually he doesn’t look like a rock star to me. He can’t sing Amy’s song. He can’t sing Awie’s song. He only can sing those cheapo 20 cent songs. Some more he cannot sing it well.

Adam, from Sarawak (in my 21” tv)

Who is Merdeka Man?

For those who don’t know who is Merdeka Man, recently Hitz Fm had sent off a guy to travel to travel, if possible, to every state in the country. This guy is wearing a HITZ FM cap and a Malaysian flag. From what reported by Hitz Fm, this guy started with empty pocket and stomach. His mission is to travel to all 13 states in Malaysia in 7 days. And he hoping to depend on the kindness on Malaysians to support for his meals, place to stay and transportation (I wonder Hitz Fm got paid him for doing this or not).

Here is some fact I found at the Hitz Fm website
Name: Krishnan Rajagopal
Age: 25 Shoe size: 8 (US)
Chest size: Barrel?
Shirt size: XXL
Pants size: 38′
Head size: 7 1/4
Favourite artist: Akon
Favourite song: Lonely by Akon
Favourite drink: Coffee (preferably Starbucks ler)
Favourite food: Spicy nasi lemak on banana leaf (yummylicious)
Favourite snack: Twisties (cheese)
Likes: Nice helpful people (ahem)
Dislikes: Rude and insincere people
Contact number: 017-6655717

Wow…..our Merdeka Man want us to buy him coffee, some more need to be from Starbucks. Kopi Mamak cannot ah? For your information, some kind Malaysians had already bought him quite a lot of things such as meals (Seremban’s famous fish ball noodles), reload his prepaid card, and the latest I heard yesterday is air ticket to Sabah, Sarawak and back to KLIA. If I meet him, I will offer him 2 hours at Cyber Cafe to update his blog if he has one. ^_^

Good Luck Bro!!

So if anyone is free, can try to sms our Merdeka Man and ask about his status and condition.

Actually this program is quite creative and benefit a lot of parties such as its help to show the kindness of Malaysians, help to increase HITZ FM’s rate, help this Krishnan to travel all over Malaysia. (It can be a slimming program for him too).

"Gol Dan Gincu" Or Mahjong ?

Actually the mahjong has nothing to do with gol and gincu. Its just a mahjong session before I went to watch the “Gol dan Gincu” movie. Yesterday I went back to PJ with Christine to visit my ex-housemate and had dinner with them. Well, nothing much change, the house still messy, the housemate still fat. ^_^

We played few round of game and like usual, I still lose.

Well, let’s talk about the movie. It’s a local production movie that is directed by Bernard Chauly. Actually I don’t know who he is, but if he wants to succeed, need to work double harder. Can’t go far with movie like this.

There are only 12 people watching it (Including me and Christine). Looks like not much people are supporting Malaysian product. The capacity of the cinema hall is 110 seats. So, do the math, the percentage is only around 10%. No wonder local movie industry is so bad. Is it the fault of Malaysian that doesn’t support local movie or the local movie is so bad until no one want to support them? Think.

Back to the story, the lead actors are Nur Fazura (as Putri) and Ashraf Sinclair (as Eddy). Supporting actors are Sazzy Falak and Sharifah Amani (my fav Malaysian actress). For whom those don’t know Sharifah Amani, she was the lead actress in the SEPET movie. Basically this movie is about a girl, Putri dumped by her boyfriend, Eddy (futsal maniac) for another girl who also involved in futsal game. Then Putri start to learn playing futsal hoping to get Eddy back. Something happen, the girl grows up, and they win the futsal tournament and when Eddy wants her back, she refuses. Story End.

empty cinema…

see…how empty is it

Compare to Sepet, this movie is really a failure product. There is nothing funny in the movie (well, 1 or 2 scene got lar), a romance comedy? Don’t think so.
The cutting is not smooth, there is some scene where we doesn’t feel the continuous). Too much sponsored products plugging, a lot of unnecessary scenes such as when Putri received the MMS regarding someone(I forget the MMS from who) going to buy the dress for Putri. This scene totally unrelated to the movie.

girl in the scene is Eddy’s new girlfriend

Well, appreciating movie is something subjective, so what I don’t like may be likeable for someone else. Anyway, for me, SEPET is much more better than Gol Dan Gincu.

Innostream S30 : Good or Not Good?

Innostream S30 actually is phone specially design for ladies. This is because the phone design is so feminine (82 x 42 x 21.6mm / 76grams) and there was default lady scheduler application installed in the phone. This phone comes with 2 batteries, a desktop charger, hand free, pouch and a data cable. The whole package cost RM810.

Inno30 come with TFT 262K colors display, which most of the color phone nowadays have the same resolution. I read from the manual saying that “Providing you the orchestra performance all the time through 64 polyphonic melodies.” This is not true. I’m totally disagreeing with the statement because the sound from the phone not so nice. It’s not clear and doesn’t have solid sound. If you are looking for sound performance, go for Motorola E398. Another thing that I’m not agree with the manual is it saying that “Innostream will fulfill your desire for wireless world.” Well, this phone doesn’t have Bluetooth and Infrared. Wireless world konon.

Beside that, this phone has others normal function such as VGA camera, MMS, Calendar, Alarm, Games and etc…

And this phone doesn’t support MP3, we need to convert the MP3 to MMF file using the software given before we can upload it to the phone and the maximum size for each MMF file is 200k only.

Here I also include few photos taken by the build-in camera.

Photo taken using Inno30

I didn’t notice that there was a such big ship display in Endah Parade at Sri Petaling. I used to go there for 7 years

So if anyone who like a small sleek cell phone with 64 polyphonic melodies, camera, camcorder, & 262K screen, this Inno30 is the phone to buy. But if you are looking for more functionality over look, Sony Ericsson K700 would be great for the same price.

View with flip closed

View with flip open

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