Curry Crunch KFC – Highly NOT Recommended.

Curry Crunch is the latest incarnation of the tried and true Kentucky Fried. There’s now Hot & Spicy (introduced in the mid ’90s), Tom Yam Crunch (release and ended last year) and Curry Crunch in addition to Original Recipe. KFC launched its first curry recipe by making its chicken pieces marinated with curry powder and spices specially formulated by KFC into crunchy yummy.

Well, I heard a lot about this KFC Curry Chicken, so me and Christine decided to have KFC for our lunch. We had ordered 2 set of Snack Plate and a pack of fries. I don’t dare to buy both set in Curry Crunch flavour because I really had no confident on it. So I bought a set of original recipe and one curry crunch recipe. Yeah..thats was really a correct decision coz the curry flavor chicken really taste not good. The deep fried skin wasn’t spicy enough and the meat inside are tasteless. I give it a thumbs down! But Christine liked it. She said she like the signature nice taste of curry that permeated this Curry Crunch chicken

My personal Rating for KFC Recipe.
1, Original Recipe
2, Tom Yam Recipe
3, Hot & Spicy
4, Curry Recipe

Original Recipe Vs Curry Crunch Recipe

Why only half pack ? ask Christine..

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7 Responses to “Curry Crunch KFC – Highly NOT Recommended.”

  1. ekoay Says:

    tell u wat.. i truely agree with u… until now i can still smell the curry odour from my fingers… aiya… still prefer the original finger licking good taste!! hehehe

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i think to each, his own…
    i personally didn’t like the tomyam cruch at all, but loved the curry crunch (had them last wk at mutiara damansara). my list would be:
    1) curry crunch & H&S recipe
    2) orig recipe

    tomyam didn’t make my list at all.

    p/s- also, i guess, it depends on which restaurant u go…

  3. Ayou Says:

    My personal Rating for KFC Recipe.
    1, Hot & Spicy
    2, Curry Recipe
    3, Original Recipe
    4, Tom Yam Recipe

    I like the curry recipe more then the tom yum 1, tom yum 1 cannot eat.

    The curry 1 got a strong aroma taste of curry, yummy.

    But I still like the hot n scpicy KFC

  4. Anonymous Says:

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