First day for Dragon City

After reading through my colleague Jon’s blog, I finally decided to do something for my domain. Actually this domain was left abandon for almost 7 month…which the main purpose of buying this domain at first was hoping that some UxISOFT company will try to buy it over from me…but its still remain a hope until today..
But if one day, when you try to surf for this site, you found that my blog has gone and what you get is some sort of interactive entertainment products…thats mean i could be driving my new Honda Civic… ^_^

My Photo
introduce my pet…a dragon..

p/s : and THANKS for our sponsor because he the one who paid for the domain…

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2 Responses to “First day for Dragon City”

  1. Soon Says:

    …means I can take back the domain at anytime I want? Kakaka…

  2. jinjack Says:

    if US company what this domain you could drive a merc !!
    wish you luck !

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