Defect Found !!

It was only 14 hours passed and someone already find defects on my blog. It’s my gf Christine who had found the defect. What to do, she’s a senior QA engineer. What is the defect? Grammar mistake!! Hmm…I never had been bug for a grammar mistake in my 4 years experience in this software industry. Do I need to fix it now, well, as normal developer said to their QA, the answer would be “this is minor defect, I had more important task to do”. End of story.

New Story – this morning I had a nice breakfast (3 sausages, 1 egg, and 4 chicken nuggets). Thanks to my dearest Christine. The sausage was really nicely cooked but the egg too oily. Well, the reason I’m writing this is not to talk about my breakfast, it’s about the interesting news I found at the web. It’s talking about Malaysian rude behavior. The title is Introduction on ‘Up Close and Personal’ with the rude Malaysian. You can found around 10 video clips showing how rude is Malaysian, that mean you and me. I really feel a bit (10%) ashamed of myself after reviewing those video clips. I don’t know about you guys but I going to be a good temper driver today… = )

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  1. Soon Says:

    It is so nice to know that Ah Tang finally put up something in his ubi website since I created this domain for him more than half a year ago.

    I was smiling in front of my laptop as if I was insane when I visited your site yesterday evening. It seems that you are doing good at the moment huh? All the best to you =)

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